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Nepal ministry report, supporting more national workers ready to win souls!
Volume 58 #11

We are so happy to share news we are taking on eight more full time workers in the country of Nepal. It is located between the countries of China and India.

The cost is to support them, cost of renting facilities and other ministry costs. Plus, we want to supply bicycles for their transportation.

The cost of a bicycle is just over $100.00 and the support will be about $150.00 per month.

By God’s help and grace, we are taking these eight workers under the wing of our ministry, to support them.

This makes a total of 11 workers our ministry is supporting in the country of Nepal.



Pradeep Wanga Cheri is 39 years old and is married. He has a daughter and son.

He came to Jesus while he was working in India. He used to share the gospel to the people there and then after many years he received a call to the ministry. He decided to quit his job, trust the Lord and then came back to Nepal to do the ministry God called him to do.

He has planted a new work with about 12 members in the church, and has a vision for the Muslims, to share gospel and bring them into the Kingdom of God in Banke district, the village of Babasthan, Nepal. Please pray for his ministry and family.

Ram Bahadur Nepali, age 33, married with three children.

He lives on the Himalayan side at Jumla and was converted from the Hindu religion. He received a opportunity to take one month Bible School training in Pokhara, Nepal.

He is now working as an evangelist at Jumla district preaching the good news of Jesus, and wants to plant churches, desiring to reach the unreached places of Jumla district.

He started a church last month in the Danda Gaun Village, Jumla. Please keep praying for his family and the ministry God has given him of winning the lost to Christ.

Sister Deepa Bohora, married, having one son and one daughter.

She is also from Jumla district, village Gadi, on the border of another district called Dolpa. She went to a 6 month training Bible school and has a heart for Jumla where she is sharing the gospel.

She is walking 13 hours nonstop to reach another village where she started a ministry with a small group of people she led to Christ.

Please pray for her family and the ministry. We are providing a bicycle as we plan to do so for these others we are going to help support.

Below is a photo of most of the 20 bicycles we have purchased and given to the ministers we are supporting in Nepal.
How thankful they are, like westerners would be over a new car. In areas they ministered, they’ve had to walk up to eleven hours to reach.

Virendra Mashi, age 30, married and having one son and wife.

He is from North India doing ministry in Nayagau village. There are about 20 believers in Bisna Village in Sitapur District of North India. He was Hindu and worked as a rickshaw cycle driver for a living, Then one day he heard the Gospel and gave his life to Jesus. He received his Diploma from the Bible school he attended. Since then, for a number of years, he has done ministry.

Please keep praying for his soul reaching ministry and for him and his family.

Rajendra Magar, age 30, has a wife and two daughters and one son.

He lives in the Himalayan range and is from Dolpa district of Nepal. He is of Buddhist background. When he came to another city called Surkhet for study, he heard the Gospel for first time. He started to go to church, received Jesus and was saved by grace of God. He then received a chance to go a five month Bible School.

He has a vision for his village called Tuppatara at Dolpa District. Most of the population is Buddhist.

Subash Chand, age 45 lives in North India, has a wife and one adopted son.

He was converted from Hinduism and for 12 years he has served the Lord. Now he has two churches in two different villages of North India. Many times radical Hindu men have beaten him and he has suffered from many persecutors. He received his diploma in theology.

Please keep praying for him, his family and his ministry.

Chandra AD. Age 28, has a wife and son and is from Jumla district, Tirkhu Village. Jumla is very remote.

He came to know Jesus three years ago. In his village no one knew anything about Christianity. So his family did not accept him, but he loved them and did not say anything to his father who beat him many times. He has a passion for Jesus and is sharing the gospel to the people in two villages, starting two churches.

Please pray for him, his family and ministry.


God bless these and the many others workers our ministry is helping so they can go and share the Gospel where you and I cannot go. We will share a few more things we are doing in Nepal and in other countries in next month’s Good News Report. Please click here for our previous reports in 2021 and also our 2020 report.

November is Thanksgiving month in the USA and also on the 20th it will be Marge’s and my 59th wedding anniversary. Do pray for us, that God will continue to use us for His Glory. Also, once again, please lay your hands on the photos. Pray and ask God to give them many souls

Our ministry has always been a work of faith.

God bless you and yours.

On behalf of souls, Your fellow gospel workers

Tony & Marge Abram.

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