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Nepal, Located in the Largest Mountains of the World.
Ministry Report to the Sick, Hungry and Lost!
Volume 58 #6

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.
Matthew 24:14.

This scripture is one of the reasons we follow the calling of God on our lives to reach the whole world so that the end will come when Jesus will return. What a Day that will be when we see Jesus!

We had planned to report the last few months on a number of countries we have been involved in, supplying funds for buildings, Bibles, food and teaching.

Also, via the internet and Zoom, preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying for the sick and leading people in the sinners prayer to Christ. However, we have felt led of the Lord to give a report on the country of Nepal where there is the same problems of the pandemic, hunger, starvation and lack of oxygen,

Down below, you can see where we have taken on five ministers with $50.00 a month so that they can be full time, winning souls in the towns and villages of Nepal.

Also, we have purchased 20 bikes for ministers to travel for their ministries in Nepal. The bikes are like the one in the picture on the left.


Photo on the right showing bags of the basic foods that we have purchased to feed the sick and hungry.



Here is some basic information on the country of Nepal, Asia, lying along the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

 It is a landlocked country located between India to the east, south, and west and the China to the north. The capital is Kathmandu. The population is 30,424,878. Wedged between two giants, India and China,

Nepal is one of the least developed nations of the world. Nepal contains some of the most rugged and difficult mountain terrain in the world.

Roughly 75 percent of the country is covered by mountains.

The Great Himalaya Range, ranging in elevation from 14,000 to more than 29,000 feet, contains many of the world’s highest peaks including Everest, except for scattered settlements in high mountain valleys, this entire area is uninhabited.

Photo of the famous Mount Everest ->


Below you can see and read information on the five new soul winning workers our ministry is supporting.

Five more ministers we are now supporting in Nepal!

These join the many workers our ministry is helping carry on the ministry God has given them to evangelize the many unreached areas.

Laxman Bk. Age- 44. Married, having three children. He came to know Jesus Christ through his father many years ago and gone to the Bible school. He had vision to serve the Lord and ministry and due to the financial problem he left the ministry. After many years his wife had cancer and died. Then his life was in problem, then he remember the call of God. It was very hard for him to start the ministry. He took fasting and praying then started to preach the gospel to Muslims. There was no one to help in the ministry. Now he came fulltime in the ministry, working in the Banke-district, Simiry village as full time minister.
Umesh Sarki, Age-33 He is married, having one son and one daughter, lives in Himalayan side. He is converted from the Hindu background, He is working as an evangelist, preaching the good news of Jesus. Now working in the Jumla-district, Guthi-village. Jumla is the remote area in Nepal, where people are worshiping idols and people have superstition belief in this District.
Guddu Chaudhary, is 30 years old, married and has two sons and a daughter. Many years he was slave. Due to poverty since his childhood from the age of 10, he worked as slave. He could not go school because he had to work. He can now read Bible after knowing Jesus. 7 years ago he has given his life to Jesus. Now working for Jesus at the same village Danphe at Bardiya-district. (Please note the writing is done by them or their overseer.)
Dante Kumal, age-29, married, having one son, lives is Himalayan range. There is not any transport to reach in his village, unreached area There is 360 houses no one in Christ. He got Bible while he came to Kathmandu and went to Qatar for work. There he studied that Bible and there was one of his friends was believer who also shared faith. Then he return back to Nepal last year, given baptism. He had vision for his village to preach Jesus and bring people from darkness to the marvelous light. Now he is working in his village at Mugu District.
Amandeep, age- 27, married, one daughter. He is from North India, (Punjab). He got married from Nepal two years ago, They are doing ministry in Jalandhar last one and half years. Independently started small church, he has the vision to share the good news among gentile people and bring them to Christ. North India is biggest harvest field. He is doing ministry in village Jhandiyala Jalandhar and another village called Gurdas.

Thank you for praying for them and our ministry. God bless you.

Your fellow workers,
Tony & Marge Abram.

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