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Tony and Marge Abram have been sharing God's Good News for over 61 years!

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tony and marge abram, christian missionary evangelists
Tony & Marge Abram

Help support the Abundant Life Team and the Good Works that is coming from this ministry.

Right now, purchasing homes that can be turned into churches in the Ukraine is a big outreach.

Please note, Tony does not put his name or ministry onto the buildings, unfortunately like other organizations. 

He believes the local church should be autonomous and self-sustaining, not an off-shoot of his fame.

Another area of support is books printed to hand out to new Christians, or those seeking the Lord Jesus.

Here are some of the needs of the Ministry:

- Support or partial support of local workers, Pastors, Evangelists,  or Teachers.
   Cost: $20 - $100 per month.

- Purchase a building in the former USSR for a church in village or town from
   Cost: $1200 to $5000 per building.

- Print our books and other items in Russian, Spanish, English, Chinese etc.
   Cost: $1.25/book.

- Support for our Bible College in Southern India.
   Cost: $1,000/month.

- Support for our Basic Bible Training Schools.
   Cost: $500/week or $2000/month.

- Support for the orphan or other children we help in a number of countries.
   Cost: $15-25/month.

- Support for 10 lepers in India and God willing to see many more added.
   Cost: $10/month

Donations can be sent to the following addresses:
Abundant Life Crusades
PO Box 608
Phenix City,
Alabama, 36868-0608
Tony Abram
#503, 10545 Saskatchewan Dr
 Edmonton AB T6E 6C6
Tony Abram
86 Yew Tree Drive

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