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Volume XXXXIX No. 4 (click here for Part 2)

Once again, we were on the ‘traveling path’ as Marge’s father liked to call his trips. We were driving at 5:30am for the two-hour trip to the Atlanta Airport. Then on to our flights to Chicago, Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan, arriving the next evening at 9:15pm.

Praise God for the safe trip and being met by our dear friends John and Hyoncha Clark for the 4 hour drive to the city of Tainan. They have been missionaries in Taiwan since 1990 and are our associate evangelists for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Mainland China.

They listen intently to the Word of God!

Tony Abram prays for the long prayer line.

Tony waiting to Preach the Gospel!
 Need I say, that night, around 2am, we fell exhausted into bed and slept ‘like logs.’ However, the next day, not only did our ministry begin but also ‘jetlag’ set in. We were thankful for the blessings of God from the very first meeting in Tainan.

Joy and Peace falls on the service.

Tony preaches the Word of God !

Tony and John pray over the sick

Pastor Hua
 This was the original capital of the country before being moved to Taipei. The five cities and towns we had meetings in were sponsored by the Presbyterian churches which are experiencing Tainan at the Freedom Church where God moved by His Spirit.

We prayed for hundreds of people and God did good things. We did have two services with our dear friend Dr. Tien at his hospital where we taught the Word and prayed for his people. We dedicated this eight story hospital to God some years ago.

The Chens at Galilee Prayer Mountain!

Tony Abram and John Clark with Presbyterian pastors
 Pastor and Sister Chen have been used of God to help bring revival to the Presbyterian churches in Taiwan. We first met them in 1990. They helped the Clarks plan our ministry. They established the ministry of Galilee Prayer Mountain.

Marge Abram shares her testimony.

Tony Abram preaching.

Pastors Chen with Tony and John
on Galilee Prayer Mountain.

Marge with
interpreter Amy.

Marges shares the gospel before singing.

John Clark, Dr. Tien and Tony Abram.
Recently when we were in Armenia we had a meeting in a village near Mount Ararat where we built a church. On Galilee Prayer Mountain we saw the ‘Noah’s Ark’ that they built in front of their large tabernacle. In the other four towns where we held our outreach ministry, God saved and healed. In the town of Weeching many needed deliverance from alcoholism.

Tony praying

Tony praying

Marge sharing

Tony sharing
Then we went on to Iynog Town were the people were expecting and God did many good things. The two other small cities we traveled to were Mucha Town and Zochen Town. Here too, we saw God answer prayer. Hundreds of people needed prayer so John and Hyoncha Clark helped us. We then had two prayer lines.

Children praising the Lord!

Large prayer lines.

The land area of Taiwan is 14,000 square miles or just over 36,000 square kilometers. Two-thirds of this island country is largely mountainous. In the next month’s ‘Good News’ we will share our wonderful outreach and ministry among the ‘Mountain People’ (the Aborigines) of Taiwan, ROC meaning Republic of China.

Tony and John laying hands on those at the hospital.

Marge, Sister Chen and Hyoncha Clark
with Noah’s Ark in back.

Tony Abram teaches this group on faith at hospital.

God has given us favor over the years in Asia.

Please continue to pray for us that we will always have hearts in tune to go, be and do what God desires from us. God bless you and yours.

In the service of the King of Kings,
Tony & Marge

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