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jim and darla snipe in japan
Jim and Darla Snipe

Jim and Darla Snipe (Japan)

In April of 1986, my wife and I went to Japan for the first time.  I believed that God wanted us to go to Japan, but I did not know why. 

The first morning after arriving in Tokyo I awoke very early and saw Mt. Fuji from our hotel room window. 

As I looked out over Tokyo I started thinking about the fact that 99 percent of the people in Japan do not believe in Jesus Christ and have any hope of eternal life. 

Their website is: http://www.sumotochapel.com/en/index.html

I began to weep as God put a burden on my heart for the nation of Japan.  My wife was soon weeping also even though I did not speak to her.  Our hotel room was filled with the presence of God.  I felt as if Jesus were weeping through me for the nation of Japan.  I could easily relate to the Bible verse in the 19th Chapter of Luke that speaks about Jesus weeping for Jerusalem.

Nina, Rachel, Tiffany, Susan and Walter
Nina, Rachel, Tiffany, Susan and Walter
Walter's website is: www.globalvisiongospel.com

Walter Zygarewicz

Walter has been a friend and fellow worker with us for over 30 years. As a young man of 19 he began to work with the Abundant Life Crusades as an interpreter.  He has interpreted our ministry in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian.

He soon became Crusade Manager of Abundant Life Crusades and served in that position faithfully for seven years.  Having the call of God on his life, he launched into his own ministry, Global Vision, which he is president of today.

This is a ministry that is dedicated to reach the peoples of the former USSR. In the past decade Abundant Life Crusades has worked closely with Global Vision in this area of the world.

adam is a faithful worker for the Lord
Adam Zygarewicz

Adam Zygarewicz credits working with our ministry as bringing him into the ministry he has today.

Walter was born in Paraguay and as a boy moved with his family to Argentina and then on to California where he was schooled.

 Marge introduced Walter to his lovely wife Nina and they now have three very sweet and dear daughters, Susan, Rachel and Tiffany.

Their home and office of their ministry is located in Sacramento, California. 

His brother Adam is a missionary in Russia whom we worked with there and in South America.


s. e. morgan missionary evangelist
S.E. Morgan

S.E. Morgan

The Reverend S.E. Morgan is a graduate of Asbury College and Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.  He pastored Methodist churches in Indiana from 1952 until 1966. 

In 1966 he founded the Church of the Open Door, a non-denominational church in Richmond, Indiana, where he pastored for ten and one half years.  In 1977 he entered the field of full time evangelism.

As an evangelist he ministers to the body of Christ at large, in local churches across the United States.  his ministry also include a missionary outreach in which he serves as an associate evangelist with the Tony F. Abram Ministry of World Evangelism.

Since 1974 he has ministered in South America, West Africa, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan on behalf of Abundant Life Crusades Ministry. Rev. Morgan strongly believes that the supreme task of the church is the evangelization of the world, and that today is the day of harvest. 

It is his desire and purpose to bring edification and encouragement to the Body of Christ through the teaching and preaching of the Word.  His ministry meets the needs of the people, encourages the pastors, and strengthens the local church.

Harley M. Fiddler

Harley M. Fiddler, Missionary, Evangelist, & Teacher
International Focus Ministries INC.

Brother Harley formerly an ordained minister in the Methodist Church of the Ohio West Conference is a graduate of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (AB degree) and Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky (BD/MTh degree).

Tony Abram writes the following:
"Working with Harley Fiddler, veteran missionary evangelist and teacher is always a special blessing to us.  He is honest, sincere and dedicated.  We do not often get that many opportunities to work with him.

However, when we do, it is always wonderful ministry and it is always a joy to work with Harley as not only is he always upbeat but also a man filled with the Spirit and Word of God.

He started his ministry as an Methodist Pastor then working with Kenneth Hagen helping him in the first years of Rhema Bible School being the first Dean of the School.

Then he went to serve as Dean at Christ for the Nations.  This, I believe this was the Lord getting him ready for the ministry of missionary evangelism. His ministry and outreach is similar to our ministry.  Perhaps that is why our ministries can flow together so well.  We have worked together in Japan, Taiwan, USA, Ukraine, Belarus and India.

He served 1978-1979 as Campus Pastor, faculty member and Missions Director at Rhema Bible Training Center of Kenneth Hagin Ministries and 1983 to 1985 he served on the Faculty and was Dean of Family Ministries at Christ For The Nations in Dallas Texas. 

In obedience to a long-awaited dream and vision, Brother and Sister Fiddler formed International Focus Ministries, Inc., a missionary organization, designed to serve as a facilitating ministry net-working local churches, missionaries and national ministers. They are involved with ministries in 38 countries.  

Brother and Sister Fiddler have a variety of ministerial experience over the past 50 years in Pastoral, Teaching, Missionary and Evangelistic ministry and is a associate evangelist with Tony and Marge Abram of the Abundant Life Crusades. Please pray for Harley and Donna Fiddler. You can visit Harley's home page at:  http://www.internationalfocusministries.net

one way to Jesus, He is the way, the truth, and the life
Anatoliy Rysko

Anatoliy Rysko

Anatoliy Rysko is our new representative and associate evangelist to South America. He has been a dear friend and fellow minister since 1975 when we first met him in Pasados, Argentina. 

He was pastor of a local church there when we came for a citywide crusade and the main host pastor.  He was born in Paraguay of Ukrainian parents. 

He speaks 4 languages, Spanish, Ukrainian, English and Russian. He has been with us in Ukraine in the past and has co-ordainated and interpreted for us in some of our Argentina crusades. 

He has a strong anointing on his ministry, especially when he has interpreted us.

His home is now in Edmonton, Canada. When we met him in 1975 we were told that the largest evangelistic effort only drew crowds of 400.

We used the great amphitheater by the river in Pasados and thousands of people came as God gave us a great revival at that time.   Please pray for Anatoliy. We believe he has much to do for the Lord in South America, especially in Argentina and also on behalf of this ministry.

john and hyoncha clark
John and Hyoncha Clark

John and Hyoncha Clark (visit their website)

John and Hyoncha are from the United States and have spent the past almost 20 years of their lives, as missionaries to the country of Taiwan.

They have been friends of Tony and Marge since 1979, where a wonderful relationship began in friendship and ministry with them, their family and church.

 They have traveled widely in Asia and visited many countries to bring the message of God's mighty power in transforming the heart and restoring broken spirits.

In recent years, John has taught in various Bible Schools in Taiwan as well as in China.   At the beginning of 2004, he published a bilingual book entitled, "God's Plan For Healing The Heart." 

John Clark has a doctorate in counseling.  Hyoncha is also an ordained minister of the Gospel. John is the Dean of a Presbyterian Charismatic Seminary.  John and Hyoncha have been representatives and Associate Evangelists for Abundant Life Crusades in for Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

In their travels they have witnessed God doing wonderful miracles. They rejoice in all that the Lord has enabled them to accomplish.  The most important part of their ministry is winning souls to Jesus Christ.  They are also involved in counseling people every week.  Another important part of their ministry is teaching.    Please remember them in your prayers.

It is with sad news we heard that John's dad, David, passed away the 18 August about 12:34 AM.  He went out for a walk and we don't know if he fainted or not but he fell backward on concrete and passed away right after Mark and Helen arrived with Chris.

Bill and Wanda Kryzanowski
Bill & Wanda Kryzanowski

Bill and Wanda Kryzanowski Associate Evangelists

Bill and Wanda Kryzanowski are fine ministers. Bill says his claim to fame is that he is a brother to Marge Abram.  Wanda has been a faithful representative for our ministry Abundant Life Crusades in Canada from 1976 to June 2009. They pastured in Andrew, Alberta, Canada for 10 years during which they build a new sanctuary.

They did a tour of ministry in Mexico after a 4-month crash course in language school.  Afterward they became Pastors of the church in Glendon, Alberta for seven years and are now pasturing a Community Church in Elk Point, Alberta, Canada.  Wanda is a fine pianist and organist. She works very closely with her husband Bill.

Glendon is where Marge came to know Jesus as her personal Saviour when she was only eight years old during a wonderful revival that swept the area. You can read of her conversion and of the revival in her testimony here

doug and davina graham of england
Doug & Davina Graham

Doug and Davina Graham
UK Representatives.

Doug and Davina Graham of Guildford, Surrey, England, have been the longest representatives of Abundant Life Crusades except for my mother. 

They have been our associates for 38 years. 

We do appreciate all they have meant over the years and have in their own way helped us to take the Gospel to the world.

Doug's testimony:
It has been our privilege to know Missionary Evangelist's Tony and Marge Abram for almost 42 years, of which 38 of them we have served as their representatives in the United Kingdom. 

When Tony Abram asked me to take on this ministry and responsibility, we did not know if we would be able to do it.  However, with the grace of God, we have helped fulfill what was required of us.  My father was a Pastor from the time I was a child.  Though my wife and both were raised in a Christian home and in the same church since we were 6 and 4 years old, we both had our own wonderful ?Born again experience.?

God has no grandchildren, only children.  We all must have our own personal experience with Christ.  I did not go to Bible School but have been involved in the Work of God and in leadership all of my life. 

We have four children - Peter married with children to a Swiss girl living and working in Switzerland as assistant pastor, Jeff and his wife and children live near us in Guildford. Our two girls, Heather, with their husband and Sheena lives near us. What a joy to see them living for Jesus. I do service in our local church as a Consulter Pastor and Davina in children?s work.

We remember meeting Tony and Marge Abram in early January 1963 when we were experiencing the coldest winter in 248 years. It was the first time in as many years that the Thames River was frozen over and they were able to roast an ox on it.  From the very first time we heard them minister, we were blessed and have been blessed by their ministry over the years.  They have had a number of successful crusades over the years in the United Kingdom and have blessed many churches. Many have come to Christ and been healed.

Of course, those of you who receive their Good News Publications already know that Tony and Marge Abram have given their lives to take the Gospel to the Nations.  God has used them over the years to win thousands of precious souls, seen thousands healed and delivered. Hundreds of churches have been established all over the world.  Yet none of them have become their own but have become part of the Living Church of God worldwide.  I know they have not sought to build any earthly kingdom but have tried to be wise and good stewards of the Lord.

May I ask you to pray for them and that God will yet use them in a greater way.  Also, when you remember, do pray for us and that we may continue to be of some service to the Abundant Life Crusades.

Tom & Bev McLaughlin (the web guy)...
Tom McLaughlin has been around computers since 1989 beginning with an Apple II+ and has been updating his skills ever since.

While becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in 1999, Tom discovered that his abilities allowed him to have a career in the training aspect of the IT industry and now holds the MCT, and CTT+, A+, Network+, and Security+ designations.

 tom and bev mclaughlin of calgary, alberta, canada, calgary microsoft trainer, web designer, a plus computer instructor
Tom, Bev, Marge, & Tony
Tom's website is
www.digitalsmiles.com or www.tomax7.com

His enthusiasm and passion has encouraged many students to become successful in their workplaces and careers.

Tom donates his time and effort to get Tony's message out with this website.  It may not be flashy and the latest design; but it is simple, quick to load and is a joy to share with others!


Barbara Abram

Barbara Abram went to be with Jesus and my brother Frank at 3:30 a.m March 17, 2021.

No more pain. She is with Jesus and the angels rejoicing. When we hear more information we will share it.  Please tell others who know her.

Precious in the sight of Jehovah is the death of his saints. What is our loss is heaven's gain. We will meet again in the presence of Jesus. What a day that will be.

A dear brother Hill shared this with me. He wondered, how can the DEATH of His saints be precious in His sight? (Psalm 116:15) Then one day I was at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, and I saw 2 signs:  ARRIVALS + DEPARTURES.

That did it! I thought, when we lose a loved one, we're in the departure lane...tears, grief, etc.! But heaven is the arrival lane, and there is a festive atmosphere as our loved ones enter that city...hugs, happiness, reunions with loved ones, and, best of all, seeing the blessed face of Jesus!

He's the One Who makes it all possible! I have no death-wish, but neither do I have the dread of departure as I know where is the arrival.

Frank Abram
Frank blessing a crusade in Africa

Frank Abram
November 9, 2016

We are sad to tell you of the passing suddenly of my brother Missionary Evangelist Frank Abram from this earth to that wonderful place in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the 9th of November at 3pm he heard to call to Glory.

He started in the ministry 60 Years ago singing at an age of 14 in my crusades and by the age of
17 he was preaching and holding crusades himself.

We know he is in a better place but we miss him.

Frank and Tony Abram

Dear Mom Abram, a mighty prayer warrior for the Lord!
Mom Abram

God used her to pray all of the family of Tony Abram both on his mother's side and father's side by standing on the promise: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house. (Acts 16:31 KJV)

She has prayed over thousands of requests on the behalf of others. There has been hundreds of answered prayer requests over the years.

Mom Abram - Josephine Agnes (Kartes) Abram
July 26, 1913 - April 8, 2012

The sun was just breaking on a beautiful sunrise Easter morning, the 8th, of April when Mother Abram sleeping peacefully, while at Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital in Phenix City, AL and slipped away to Glory to meet her Risen Saviour.  Her race was over.

If I could hear her now, she would be saying:

I ran the race, I kept the faith and I finished the course and here it is. I see Jesus and He is giving me a Crown of Life.  All the tests, trials and pain of life have been worth it all now that I see Jesus.”   

We were hoping Mom would be here for our 50th anniversary later year and of course for her 99th birthday on July 21st.  She was born in 1913 in the state of Pennsylvania to Mr. and Mrs. Kartes, immigrants from Slovenia.  She was born again as a Christian in 1948 when God saved and healed her.

She and her prayers will be sorely missed.  She loved to pray for others and talk to others of God’s Saving Grace. Her desire was to see the return of Christ in her lifetime, but if not to go to the Lord in her sleep.  God gave her the desire of her heart.

She will be missed and still loved until that Great Day when we all gather at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ and confess Jesus Christ is Lord!

In lieu of flowers, the family request missions offering to Abundant Life Missions in Phenix City, AL, in honor of Mrs. Josephine Agnes Abram.

mike brandebura 1930-2008
Mike Brandebura

Mike Brandebura
March 12, 2008

Born 1930, has gone home to be with Jesus.  Mike Brandebura was one of our dearest friends of ours for many years.  When Marge was a young girl she felt the call of God on her life when Mike and a group of students from the Bible School came to minister at her church. Mike was an associate evangelist with our ministry of Abundant Life Crusades for many years.  We will miss his friendship and ministry.

He and his wife Ann have been with Marge and I in ministry in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Chez Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Holland, England, Kenya, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, USA and Argentina.  He had been a blessing everywhere he had been with us.  He will be missed by many.

His home was both in Edmonton, Alberta and Kissimmee, Florida.  Mike served the Slavic Churches in Canada as a Bishop for over 22 years and was Vice President of the Conference of The Slavic Churches of North America.  We were glad to have had him as a member of the team and our representative to the Slavic Churches of North America.

Click here to read what I ministered at Mike Brandebura's Homecoming funeral service.

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