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Little is Much

One of Marge’s old songs she recorded years ago, entitled ‘LITTLE IS MUCH WHEN GOD GETS INTO IT’.
I thought this that OLUFUNSO J. OMIDIRAN sent me really added to it.


A little love in a loveless world
A little effort to show that you care
A little strength to the fainting soul
A little lift for the ‘down-and-out’
A little prayer that changes a course
A little call to say, ‘How are you?’
A little text message that massages the heart
A little cup of water to a weary wayfarer
A little bowel of mercy to a dying world
A little ‘Thank You’ to a worthy fellow
A little kindness to the poor and needy

  • Jesus reckoned with the little mites from a little widow

  • The Messiah came as a little Baby in a little manger

  • He says to the little flocks, ‘Fear Not; you have the kingdom!’

  • Don’t ignore the little; the Lord certainly does not!

  • A little attitude of gratitude takes you to your altitude

  • The little Mr Do-Little is better than the great Mr Do-Nothing

  • Be strong and do good in the Lord

  • Be good and stay strong in the Lord.

  • If we truly love the invisible Lord as we love to claim

  • It should reflect in the visible men and women whose needs we meet

  • Shouldn’t we allow the love of Christ to constrain us in all we do?

  • Even when it seems to us so little and not worth mentioning

  • We shall be counted noble and worthy before the Lord who takes accurate records.

  • A little petal of rose from a loving heart is worthier than an uncertain medal of cold.

    God bless you and yours.
    On behalf of this generation,
    Your friends in the service of Christ,
    Tony and Marge Abram
    Abundant Life Crusades
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