Abundant Life Crusades
Tony and Marge Abram have been sharing God's Good News for over 61 years!

Bro Tony's Old Sayings

“One may take up and read most any book and understand and even enjoy it without knowing or have ever met the author.

However, there is one book that you must first have met and know the author personally to truly ever understand and enjoy, that is the Bible.”

The Bible is a spiritual Book and takes knowing the Author, the Holy Spirit to truly understand His Will which is His Word.


"I never met a person who was sorry that they became a Christian but I met a lot of sorry looking Christians."

Time to smile and be happy.


- to be continued...

God bless you and yours.
On behalf of this generation,
Your friends in the service of Christ,
Tony and Marge Abram
Abundant Life Crusades
www.tonyabram.com  or www.abundantlifecrusades.com 


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