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VOL 55 No. 5

Our ministry report this month as you can read is on the buildings our ministry has purchased. We are happy to report this month that our ministry through the help of God’s people like yourself have made it possible to purchase a house and land to be converted into a church in the village of Chistopolya in the Zaporizhia area of Ukraine. The cost was $3,000.00 US dollars along with the documentation needed for the purchase.

In this village the believers were meeting in a library and have been expelled from there. This house that they now have can be converted easily into a church. We have sent $2,500.00 to purchase this building. It will now to be converted into a church building. They are rejoicing as they will not be thrown out of their meeting place.

They are so happy to say and to have a ‘HOUSE OF PRAYER’ of their own. I remember when our goal for planting churches and purchasing buildings for churches in the former USSR back in 1992 was 12 buildings, then when we reached that it was 70 buildings.

We reached that goal fairly quick as buildings were very cheap then in towns and villages. The cities were more expensive yet Bishop Mike Brandebura, Evangelist Walter Zygarewich and our ministry in a city of over a million people, the capital of the province of Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

This was back in the 1990’s for 5 thousand dollars. It is brick and has over 100,000 square feet, another building and over a acre of ground. It would cost over one million dollars to built today. It is being fully used as a Church, Bible School and Central Office for the churches of the whole province. Our next goal was 120 buildings and finally 200 buildings for churches.



Now manly in villages where there is no church building. During the years, we have bought houses, schools, libraries, post offices, museum, theatres, restaurants and other types of buildings yet we have slowed down as the prices have grown.

We have in the past purchased buildings as little as $300.00 and many less than a thousand dollars. However, we feel we will reach the 200 goal for the Glory of God.

Not one of these buildings belong to us. They belong to the local churches. After we will see if the Lord gives a new goal. If He does I believe it will be 300 buildings.

If we do reach it, it will be because of people like you are standing in pray and faith with us. We do not count the buildings in Africa, India, Central and South America because over the 55 years of missionary soul winning all over the world we have lost count.

However, God keeps the record, He just calls us to be good faithful stewards of what He calls us to do for His Glory. We receive requests from all over the world, requesting help with projects and outreaches. We can not take them all on but as the Lord leads us we by faith get involved to help.

For example we this month received a request for Bibles and tracts for some villages of  North India reaching into some village of 5 states. Unreached villages are the targets for this outreach.

The cost is being purchased very cheaply through the Gideon Bible Society in India. We are supplying 3,000 Bibles for this outreach. 30,000 is the goal in hopes of starting 1,000 home churches.

In the 3 photos below left you can see the joy on the faces of the pastors and workers for this wonderful outreach.

The people in the villages are so poor and to receive a gift like this is so wonderful. Many of the outreaches of this ministry we do not report but as we said God keeps the records and all Glory to Him.

Please pray for this outreach that many will find the Lord. Mark 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

I will be celebrating my 79th birthday on May 27th and even though we will be out of country, we want to Praise God for what He has done through folks like you and us.

My birthday request is that we may yet continue in His calling for a few more years. We want to be faithful until the end of the race.

God Bless You and Yours is our Daily Prayer!

Your missionaries to the world,
Tony and Marge Abram

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