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VOL. 52 No. 11

Most folks that receive and read our Good News Report know that Missionary Evangelist T. L. Osborn was a mentor of mine.

Working with him and learning much of the world-wide ministry of soul-winning.

I never knew a person that gave his life to winning the lost more than him. Working in crusades, traveling, eating and even window shopping with him, he would always swing the conversation back to how what we can do to win more souls to Christ.

He was a great example for us.

We learned that one of the greatest outreaches of his ministry, was supporting national ministers. The National Evangelist is able to work for a fraction of the cost of a Western minister like a American, Canadian or British missionary. Then they know the culture, know the language, the laws of the land and can eat the foods.

This is what we wanted to do in our early ministry but was unable to do so but we started this outreach some years ago and now are supporting more than 125 National Workers.

This means that the 10 additional workers we are now supporting join the others and are winning souls.

This means adding this to our ministry that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year our ministry, through these workers, is winning souls. Praise God.

    It takes from 25 to 50 dollars per month to support them.

These 10 new workers we have begun to support are in Northern India.

That is adding another $250.00 per month to our monthly budget. We are now supporting these new workers at $25.00 per month to enable them to be full time soul-winners.

We believe God to supply the needs as He has always done.

However, we ask you to please, as a point of contact, lay your hands on the six photos on left side  page and the four on the right side plus the photos of Marge and I and pray for them and for us that God will use them in a great way and that many souls will come to Christ through their ministry.

Here are their names and ages, do not worry if you cannot pronounce their names, I cannot either, but God know each and every name.

  • Rachra Bainiol, 27 years old,
  • Alex Dags, 19 years old,
  • Vishal Baiminol, 28 years old,
  • Benjamin Methew, 23 years old,
  • Prazew Gedased, 22 years old,
  • Gopal Masih 27 years old,
  • Mandeep Kaur, 35 years old,
  • Mukesh Kumar, 36 years old,
  • Desh Raj, 38 years old,
  • Kishan Masih, 42 years old.

We know that most of the people who receive our report, pray for us.

We believe that when you pray for us, the greatest the harvest will be.

As you pray for the workers, you will share in the harvest on that last day when we all stand before the Lord.


You also can see below four photos of Marge and me.

On November 20th we celebrated our 56 years of marriage and 56 years as a team going to the Nations with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are trusting the Lord that the best is yet to come. Next May 27th, I will be 80 years old and if the Lord continues to give me life I like to believe that as Moses who was 80 years old when he began his ministry that our remaining days we will see the best is yet to come.

Pray for us for it is a burning desire to point people to the Living Christ.

   The photo on the left of us cutting the cake at our wedding with my beautiful wife (notice the hair on my head)...

And on the right us at our 50th anniversary.

The next two below are more recently.

There is plenty of outward changes the inward calling to soul winning has remained strong.

Romans 11:29 For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

God bless you and yours is our prayer. Missionary Evangelists
Tony and Marge Abram


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