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VOL. 54 No. 9

Over the years God has provided and privileged Marge and I to have worked with many ministries, some well known but more of those precious ministries unknown by man but well known in the halls of heaven.

There have been some that our ministry has influenced their callings and ministries. It is not possible to tell of all of them but we thought in this months and next month’s newsletter we would share of one family, the Heimsoth family from Indiana.

Marge and Michelle


We will have Missionary Evangelist Michelle Heimsoth (photo left with Marge) share in Part One Report and next month we will continue with the report of the rest of the family and their ministry.

We have counted it a great blessing where we have had a positive influence in lives that have taken up the Cross of Evangelism knowing that the:

Supreme task of the Church is the Evangelism of the World.

Heimsoth family

The following is the testimony of
Missionary Evangelist Michelle Heimsoth.

"We praise God for Missionary Evangelists Tony and Marge Abram and for the mighty way He has used them in His kingdom and in our own lives.

I can personally say I cut my teeth on their missionary stories from my early childhood and dreamed to someday grow up to be just like them. 

Only I was much too shy to imagine ever singing or preaching, so the most I could hope was to possibly work in their office someday, helping to handle their correspondence, etc."

(She thought one day she would replace Mother Abram as our Office Manger and Secretary, but Mother Abram God did not retire until she was 95 years if age, so she had to fulfill God’s calling and she launched into her ministry by faith.)

Crusade in Belorus!

Michelle preaching in Ukraine!

"God did answer that prayer to some extent when Brother Tony invited our church to handle the response he received to his broadcast on Radio Africa. 

For many years then, during my teenage years and into my early twenties, our church, including church youth, would take one Sunday afternoon a month to respond to all of the letters and to package Bibles and literature to send to Africa."

Michelle preaching in Africa.

Michelle at Bible School Graduation.

(We thank God that the church sent over 4,000 packages of tracts, my books, tapes, Bibles, New Testaments and helps to Africa and answering correspondence while paying for most of the postage as well. We and heaven thank them for their faithfulness.)

Michelle preaching open air Africa.

"Meanwhile, after graduating high school, I found a church-planting organization working in the former Soviet Union and teamed up with them for a two-year missionary stint in Russia."

(During this time Michelle learned the difficult Russia language both to read, speak, preach and even interpret the Russian Language. Her ability reminded Marge and I of Evangelist Walter Zygarewicz when he was 19 years old and began working in Bolivia, South America with us.)

Ukraine Ministry

"Upon my return home to America in 1996, some of the pastors from Malawi, Africa, were writing to Brother Tony Abram, inviting him to teach them more of the Word.

We passed the invitations along, but Brother Tony responded that God wasn't leading him to Africa at that time. We forwarded his response to Malawi, upon receipt of which the pastors wrote back to say: "Then YOU come!"

With much prayer, God confirmed to us that we were indeed supposed to go.

So, for the past 21 years, my Dad and I (and others from the church, including my younger sister Martha the past five years) have been traveling every year to Malawi, Africa, to teach and encourage the church, inviting pastors and leaders of all denominations challenging them to believe and to live the truth."

Michelle and Martha in Siberia, Russia

Preaching and winning souls in Africa

"I honestly feel that God created the mission field to "save" the missionary, because surely Africa changed my life!

God continues to open my eyes to the fullness of His call and has shown me that, shy or not, I can open my mouth and He will fill it, whether singing or preaching or praying for the sick or prophesying.

He is God of the impossible, and He wants to do impossible things through us. God has used Brother Tony and Sister Marge in other ways as well, to influence the direction and calling of my family

Truly God has given Brother Tony and Sister Marge many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, more than the sand of the sea!! May a double portion of their mantle rest upon us!!"

Michelle, Martha and their father Pastor Heimsoth with three Malawi, Africa pastors and leaders.

Michelle & Martha in Moscow Russia.

(This will continue next month with a little more from Evangelist Michelle next month including some from her sister Martha and some facts on Pastor Mike Heimsoth with they calling and ministry in Africa, Japan and the former USSR. Also our thoughts as well.)

We thank God for the words written but we give all the honor and glory to God. He alone is worthy for the great things done in the Heimsoth Family and in ours.

God bless you and yours. We love you in Jesus Name.

Your missionaries to the world,
Tony and Marge Abram

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