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VOL 54 No. 10

In last month’s Good News we shared some of the Family Heimsoth ministry and the part that they have had over the years in the ministry. There have been some ministries that our ministry has influenced. We thought that it would be good to tell of one family ministry, the Heimsoth family from Indiana.

This month Missionary Evangelist Martha Heimsoth shares a few words but first a little more from her sister Michelle then continuing with Martha. It has been a great blessing to know we have had a positive influence in lives that have taken up the ministry of soul winning. We have always encouraged ministers with these words that I learned years ago from one of my mentors, T.L. Osborn, that The Supreme Task of the Church is the Evangelism of the World.

We continue now with the testimony of Missionary Evangelist Michelle Heimsoth and her sister, Evangelist Martha Heimsoth.

Martha Heimsoth

Tony Abram

Church filled with Japanese worshiping.

Michelle sings as Martha translates to Japanese.

Michelle continues... God has used Brother Tony and Sister Marge in other ways as well, to influence the direction and calling of my family. In 2004, My sister Martha was praying about what to do with her life upon graduation from high school; and, within 24 hours of praying, we had a phone call from Brother Tony who happened to be ministering in Osaka, Japan and recognized the need of the church there for an English teacher/missionary.

Martha wasn't interested initially because her dream of missions looked more like a thatch hut somewhere deep in the jungle, but God had other plans and has shown her that missions is more than a trip: it is a LIFESTYLE! He has blessed her there in Japan the past 13 years and has taught her much about surrender, self-sacrificing love, and a faith that prevails!
(Thanks Michelle. You are all in our prayers.)

Martha checking out a bathroom in Africa.

Evangelists Tony and Marge Abram.

Martha continues… God has also opened many doors in the former Soviet Union for my dad and me to teach in different Bible schools organized, supported, or sponsored by Brother Tony Abram and Brother Walter Zygarewicz; and, through those schools, we have had many opportunities to travel and to minister alongside the students once they have graduated, strengthening them in their faith and ministries It was in fact at a missionary conference in Eaton, Ohio, that I committed my life to serve God as a missionary.

The Abrams were there ministering that night and gave an alter call for anyone who wanted to serve God. I was about eight years old at that time when I went forward that night. Ten years later, the Abrams connected me to the Good Samaritan Church here in Japan. I came first thinking I would just be there one year, my older sister Lynette spent 6 months there in ministry, but 13 years later I am still doing the work of a Missionary/Evangelist/Teacher.

Martha translating and helping pray for the Japanese people.

Martha preaching in Africa.

Martha sings in Japanese.

Martha sensei ministers to young and old alike. All need to hear
I can see how God's plans are higher than my own! I've had the opportunity to work with the children, youth, and elderly and have been involved in music ministry, teaching English, and in a variety of other ministries here in this church and beyond.


Martha, Michelle and Pastor Mike enjoying Japanese food

Missionary Evangelists Michelle and Martha Heimsoth together.

Pastor Mike winning souls & ministering to the sick.

Japan is in desperate need of a move of God and I'm excited to be a part of it! God has also opened doors to go to other countries as well… Korea, Asia, Malawi, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, etc... I can not see what the future holds but I continue to run forward following the Call of God, expecting that the best is yet to come. I have been four times to Russia with Michelle!

The Japanese young people love Martha sensei.

Martha asks Michelle, “Is this really a tree?”

Martha teaching Malawi’s young people

My ministry has taken me a number of times to Malawi, Africa with my Dad and Michelle. We traveled and ministered the length and breadth of the country (literally border to border!) doing pastors and leaders seminars.

All of the meetings were well attended and there was great hunger in the people! We saw God's healing and protecting power in our own lives, and were blessed to be a small part of what God is doing on that side of the world.


Pastor Mike, Michelle & Martha Heimsoth with African hosts.
Right - Tony and Marge Abram

I join with my sister to say that God has given Brother Tony and Sister Marge many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, more than the sand of the sea!! May a double portion of their mantle rest upon us!! God bless you both, Abram sensei and Marge sensei!

- Martha Heimsoth, Missionary Evangelist.



Thank you Michelle and Martha for your words of testimony in this and last month’s Good News report. Also, we want to thank your father Pastor Mike Heimsoth for his ministry, your mother, your brother and two sisters who are not only standing behind you but are involved in ministry themselves. I am sure that many more will begin to pray for all of you.

Marge and I have known your whole family for many years. We praise God how you and your brother and sisters have been used by the Lord with some reaching to the Nations and others on the home front. Marge and I know that much credit must be given to your father and mother, Pastor Mike and Linda Heimsoth. They have brought you up in the knowledge and fear of the Lord through the Word of God and being an example to you all.  

God bless you and yours. We love you in Jesus Name.

Your missionaries to the world,
Tony and Marge Abram

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