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VOL. 53 No. 7

These are just a few of the many over the years that have worked with us in the harvest of souls. We are sharing a few words of the oldest. You can read much more on them in detail at our website.

We begin with Mother Abram on the left. She was our secretary until she was 95 years of Age. She is now with the Lord.

In the lower right photo is Anatolio Rysko (and next right lower photo) he is singing with Marge in a crusade in South America. He is our Associate Evangelist for all of Latin America including Cuba.

In the photo left below we have Walter and Nina Zygarewicz. Walter has been a friend and fellow worker with us for over 35 years. 

As a young man of 19 he began to work with the Abundant Life Crusades as an interpreter.  He has interpreted our ministry in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian. He became Crusade Manager of Abundant Life Crusades and served in that position faithfully for seven years.  Having the call of God on his life, he launched into his own ministry, Global Vision Gospel, which he is president today.

I repeat that these fellow ministers are only a few that have had a part in this ministry. Some are already enjoying the rewards of their labor in heaven. You too have a part in our ministry by standing in faith and carrying us with your prayers.

Doug and Davina Graham.
We have known them since 1963 and they have represented us in the United Kingdom for 48 years

Photo above is Marge's brother Bill and Wanda Kryzanowski.
They have been our representatives in Canada for 50 years.

Photo above is our dear friend of over 45 years S.E. Morgan who has taught in many countries for our ministry. Now retied with his dear wife Helen in Indiana.

Right photo: Bishop Mike Brandebura was one of our dearest friends of ours for many years. When Marge was a young girl she felt the call of God on her life under his ministry. Mike was an associate evangelist with our ministry of Abundant Life Crusades for many years. He and his wife Ann have been with Marge and I in ministry in many parts of the world.

Brother Tony preaching.

Photos right are of Harley and Donna Fiddler and he with me in India. We work in in India as friends and he is our representative in India. The Fiddlers have a variety of ministerial experience over the past 50 years and is a associate that have helped us win souls around the world.

Photos below left are the Clark family have been such a blessing us since the late 1970’s. David Clark is now enjoying the fruits of his labor in heaven and Irene still active. John and Honocha Clark John and Hyoncha spent the past 30 years of their lives, as missionaries to the country of Taiwan, China and Asia. They have been friends of Tony and Marge since 1979. They have been our associate evangelists and representatives in Taiwan, China and Asia. John at this time needs a miracle of healing please pray for him

Tom & Bev McLaughlin (the web guy). Tom donates his time and effort to get Tony's message out with the website.  It may not be flashy and the latest design; but it is simple, quick to load and is a joy to share with others! www.tonyabram.com.

In the above photos Marge and with Jim and Darla Snipe. Dear friends and associate evangelists for our ministry in Japan. They sold all and went to Japan when God called them in 1976.

In the 2 lower right photos are photos of Mom Abram with Marge and me with her and my brother Frank. This was shortly before she went to heaven. There are many more ministries that are working with us that we do not have space.

Pray for them and us. God bless you.

Tony and Marge Abram

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