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VOL. 52 No. 7

Fifty years ago this past September the Abram Brothers and Team from America were invited to come to Holland and Belgium by Evangelist Johann Maasbach Sr. of World Evangelism to hold 13 crusades in Holland and Belgium.  Brother Maasbach had a very good idea from the Lord, to advertise these crusade meetings. 

I, Tony Abram, had been the former leading Associate Evangelist with Evangelist T. L. Osborn. He had recommended me to Brother Maasbach. Brother Maasbach Sr. was the interpreter for the great Osborn Crusade just a few years prior. 

The 13 crusades across Holland and North Belgium were promoted with this information.  Of course, all of Holland knew of Osborn and the miracle ministry that took place there.  Using this information, the crowds came from everywhere, filling the halls. (This is being wise as serpents and harmless as doves.)

They may have come to see the Abram Brothers Team and Johann Maasbach Sr., but what they saw was God moving by His Spirit, confirming His Word with many coming to the Living Christ and miracles of healing! During that first visit, which proved to be the beginning of a wonderful friendship and ministry between the Maasbachs and the Abrams.

50 years ago Tony, Marge, Frank & Hank

The Abrams and Maasbachs today

Tony with Johann Maasbach interpreting great altar call 50 years ago.

Tony Abram preaching now in Holland

Tony, Marge & Frank and Hank interpreting Tony

Hank today

During the first visit 50 years ago, the Team was made up of myself, Tony Abram, my wife Marge, Frank Abram and a Dutchman Hank den Haring.  Hank was known in the Western USA as the Dancing Dutchman.  He and his wife JoAnn are still our friends and he is an associate pastor at the University AOG in Columbus, Georgia. Tony and Frank not only preached, but the Team sang Western Gospel as a quartet, duets and solos. We also were known for our red coats, cowboy boots and blue cowboy hats.

Marge and Frank   - Frank and Barbara

After 50 years, singing again in Holland.
Marge, Tony, Barb & Frank Abram

From the beginning, God did wonders across Holland, working in those crusades with Brother Maasbach and his ministry team, his family and the workers of his ministry. This has continued unto today in fellowship and friendship. Although Frank and myself have our own distinct worldwide ministries, yet from time to time our ministries come together for special soul winning miracle-healing ministry. This is why we felt God wanted us to return to Holland to minister, work and celebrate with Pastor David Maasbach, Evangelist John Maasbach Jr., Maasbach family and ministry team.

Marge with Ann den Haring 50 years ago

Marge with Ann den Haring now!

Marge & Mom Maasbach.

 Tony leads in celebration prayer

Tony and Marge with Amsterdam Pastors Helen and Simon

Celebration cake of 50 years of friendship & ministry.
We all believed God for a double portion during this 50th year Jubilee ministry.

Shortly after our first visit, Evangelist Hank den Haring left the team and was replaced by Frank Abram’s wife Barbara Abram.  She has been a blessing for 50 years to Frank and the ministry. 

There are so many memories from over the years with ministry and fellowship with the Maasbach Family and ministry team.

Some years ago, Brother Maasbach Sr. was in Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea for a crusade at the University grounds.  Marge Abram and myself came to the same grounds for a crusade a year later. We were told that our ministries were very similar in that Brother Maasbach Sr. had the greatest healing crusade in their history and Tony Abram, the greatest salvation crusade in Papua, New Guinea’s history.

They were happily surprised when told that the Abrams and Maasbach were friends and worked together many times.

I joked with Brother Maasbach that he got the people healed which is for this earthy life but we got them healed spiritually for eternal life. 

More recently, we and John Maasbach Jr. were together in The Congo, Africa for a great conference and soul winning miracle-healing crusade.

John also graduated several hundred workers from their 3-year Bible College that their ministry supports and oversees in Africa. It was wonderful to preach nightly in that crusade and see the many thousands that came to the crusade with God confirming His Word with souls, deliverances and healings. ALL GLORY, HONOUR AND PRAISE TO GOD!

Marge exhorting with Dutch interpreter before singing.

Frank preaching, Barb singing

50 years ago: Tony & Marge singing - Tony preaching - Marge & Frank singing

We are all looking with great anticipation and I am asked how do we keep going? The answer is Nehemiah 8:10 (KJV) ...neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength. 

Winning souls is the joy that gives us strength. On May 27th, 1939, 76 years ago, my mother gave birth to my natural life but more importantly, this past 19th of February, it was 58 years ago that I was born again of the Spirit of God. Praise God!

Of course God gave me a faithful partner in my wife, Marge.  We were married on Nov 20, 1962. Since that time we have taken the message of Christ to more than 130 countries. Oral Roberts once told us, “Be big in God and small in your own eyes.”

I have learned one thing for sure and that is what John the Baptist said of himself. John 3:30 (KJV) He must increase, but I must decrease.

There is an old song ‘On the Jericho Road, there is room for two.’ However, as we grow older and get further down the road we learn that there is only room for one. It is Jesus in me. Self has to go.

The photos show a little of the blessing God gave us. In next month’s ‘Good News’ we will share Part Two.

Are you not glad for Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ the same, yesterday and forever?’ We shared a little of the past with the present.  It confirms that the Lord is the same day after day.  He does not change!  What He did in Bible days He can and will do today! 

This we have seen in Holland once again.  In Part Two next month we will share more of the things God did. 

God bless you and yours is our prayer. Missionary Evangelists
Tony and Marge Abram


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