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LI No. 2

In this month’s ‘Good News’ we want to show appreciation to the mentors that affected this ministry.  Although I look back on the past 54 years of ministry, I see that God gave me and my wife many ministers and believers who mentored our ministry.

However, in this report, we wish to especially honor three.  One was Kathryn Kuhlman, the second was T.L Osborn and the third, little known but had a great effect on my ministry, my Pastor Leroy McAnallen.

Kathryn Kuhlman in Vancouver

There are many in the Body of Christ just like him who are unsung heroes that have had a enormous effect on the lives of believers and ministers. Let me start with Kathryn Kuhlman.

Many of you that read this, know the testimony of how in 1948 my mother was dying. Someone told my mother to listen to the radio. She heard, went to the meeting and was saved and healed.

Mom, I believe, knew everyone in the book ‘I Believe in Miracles.’ She prayed 9 years for me. I finally took her to a service in Youngstown, Ohio. Kathryn was preaching and I had a vision of Jesus.

Running forward, I knelt and received Jesus and His forgiveness. She pulled me and another young man to the microphone, prayed for us and gave a prophecy over me. She said if I would be true to the Lord, He would take me to the nations and that I would be a blessing to many with the message.

I did not know at that time what God was going to do. The next two years, she baptized my mother, my brother Frank and myself. I sang in her concert 100 voice choir and we did record album for RCA.  I also sang for awhile in one of her young men’s quartets. Sitting on the platform and seeing all the miracles, I thought this was happening everywhere, in all meetings and churches.

I found this was not the case. I must say that in all the healing ministries I have seen and known, I have not seen one greater than Kathryn's.

The most important was she taught us to always give God all GLORY, HONOR and PRAISE

Kathryn Kulman and her choir

The second most influential person was my pastor, Leroy McAnallen of the Prayer Church of Butler, PA. He took me under his wing and taught me the Word of God. I would sit for hours with him, learning the Bible. It was he that encouraged me to preach.

He helped me by having me as his assistant pastor and youth leader in the church. Not many have heard of him, but he had a great effect on me and my brother Frank who is also a world traveler and evangelist. It was Pastor Tad, as we called him, that introduced me to my third mentor and his wife T. L. and Daisy Osborn in the Harrisburg, PA crusade. (see PA photo below)


Photos of them are on this page. Left, the young T.L. and below it, the statesman T. L.

Of all the things, working for him, becoming his #1 Co-Evangelist, then Associate Evangelist, going overseas to prepare his crusades, I gained his love of Soul winning.

Talking with him, eating with him, traveling with him, corresponding with him and even window shopping with him, the subject of our conversation would always swing back to soul winning and how we could find ways to win more.

Working with him, as with Kathryn Kuhlman on the platform, seeing the miracles and healings was wonderful!

But the greatest thing I saw with T. L was the masses coming to be saved. (See photo below.)

It was through his ministry I learned how one could see masses healed through the mass prayer of faith by teaching people to lay hands on themselves.

God can heal one or a thousand at the same time. There were a number of outreaches we adopted from his ministry, such as his outreach of ‘Native Evangelism.’

We are, at this time, supporting about 100 ministries on 5 continents that are winning souls 24/7. I learned also it is important to be humble.

Osborn was a humble man full of confidence in a great God. He said “Tony preach a simple Gospel, all you need it is 10 faith soul winning sermons and you can go around the world, preach and win the lost.  Encourage people and always try to leave all, including your enemies, a friend.”  He said to always emphasize the Power of the Word of God.

Miracles prove Jesus Is alive. The Miracle Ministry of Jesus is still God’s Method of World Evangelism. Words are powerful and when you speak God’s Words, they will work.

He always said Jesus paid the price for everything we have and need. I remember when we were leaving his ministry to go by faith out on our own.

He did not want us to leave working with him. I said, “You preached me out of your ministry. You kept telling people you can do it and I believed you.”

We thank God for every mentor He sent our way! We give God all the Honor and Glory for all He has done for all of us!

1 Timothy 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

We also want to thank you, our precious friends, for your part in making our ministry possible with your prayers, faith and support.

Marge and I may be on the front lines of evangelism, but we could not be there if it were not for people like you making up the supply lines. God bless you and yours is our daily prayer.

Your Missionary Evangelists, Tony and Marge Abram


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