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Tony and Marge Abram have been sharing God's Good News for over 64 years!

Volume 51 No. 5

It is with praise and thanksgiving that we share this month’s ‘Good News’ report with you our dear friends, partners and family of God.  The years have passed so quickly.  I am reminded of the words of Billy Graham when asked what was the greatest surprise of his life?  His answer was “The brevity of life.  It seemed a short time ago I was in Bible College and now I find I am an old man.”

Tony Abram, young evangelist

Early beginnings

Many of our readers know much of my testimony and many more details can be found on our website www.tonyabram.com. I surrendered my life to Christ as a senior in high school in a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting in Youngstown, Ohio on February 10th, 1957.

It was there that she called me out, prayed for me and prophesied over me that if I would be true to follow the Lord, He would take me to the nations to be a blessing to multitudes.

Our early Ministry.

Four months before the vision of my calling.

Then it was when I was serving in the US Army on April 19th 1959, that God called me to the ministry.  I had dealt with a young Catholic soldier most of that day about receiving and committing his life to Christ as his Personal Saviour.  I was laying on my bunk bed praying for him when I had a vision of Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Then the vision changed and I saw a multitude of different races of people with no one to lead them out of darkness into the Kingdom of God.

That is when God called me three times. Finally the third time, I said I would go where He wanted to go, say what He wanted me to say and do what He wanted me to do.

By the following year I was in the ministry winning souls. 

However, it was not until Nov. 30, 1976, that I truly saw the vision fulfilled in it’s fullness. It was sixteen years since God called me with that vision. 

We were in Porto Alegre, Brazil and in the service, we saw about 6,000 people come forward to receive Christ in that great stadium.

50 years ago, Dutch Crusades.

Tony and Marge Abram, 35 years ago in South American crusades.

(Old photos of Marge and I over the years.)  I was rejoicing as this was the greatest altar call we ever had.  It was then the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Do you remember?”  I spoke, “Remember what Lord?” He said, “Look and remember.”

40 years ago.

Below: 5 years ago in Mexico crusades.
Then I remembered. What was before me was what I had seen 16 years before. For no country has more different races of people than Brazil. I said, “Thank you Lord, I am on the right track in the calling you gave me.”

So my dear friends, there is nothing I have enjoyed more these past 55 years of ministry than winning souls.

I am asked how we keep going? The answer is Nehemiah 8:10 (KJV) ...neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength. Winning souls is the joy that gives us strength.

Left -30 years ago Africa. Center - 20 years ago South America.  Right -10 years ago in Asia.

On May 27th, 1939, 75 years ago, my mother gave birth to my natural life but more importantly is that this past 19th of February, it is 60 Years ago that I was born again of the Spirit of God.

Praise God! (Please note some photos we are sharing from the past years of our ministry.) Of course God gave me a faithful partner in my wife, Marge.  We were married on Nov 20, 1962.

Since that time we have taken the message of Christ to more than 100 countries. Oral Roberts once told us, “Be big in God and small in our own eyes.”

I have learned one thing for sure and that is what John the Baptist said of himself. John 3:30 (KJV) He must increase, but I must decrease.

We want to keep on going with the ministry He has given us.

God’s people such as you make it possible to reach precious souls for Christ.

You are the supply lines that put us on the Frontlines of Evangelism.

Continue to pray for us as we pray for you daily.

On behalf of souls,

Tony and Marge Abram

Tony and Marge Abram recently,
still with a heart after God and soul winning!


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