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ARGENTINA 2013 Crusades Report: Part 2
Volume L No. 7

We closed our wonderful crusade in Mendoza City and the next day we were in our second crusade in the city of Maipu, province of Mendoza, Argentina. As I stated in Part One that we only had one day free. That was the day we arrived after traveling all day and night. The ministers and believers there were such loving children of God.

Preaching, not a new religion but a new Life that is found in receiving the Lord Jesus!

 I could say as Paul when he said, “ They showed no small kindness to us.”

Here again we met people from previous Argentinean ministry as far back as 40 years, such as Delia’s mother who attended and knew us from our Alviar crusade 40 years ago.

 She told us that she has a picture on her wall of us eating ‘Asado’ (Argentina Barbeque) in her home with her family at that time.

Precious people coming to Jesus for His Salvation!

The best part of the Maipu crusade was seeing so many responding, coming forward to receive the Living Christ.

The pastors were thrilled as so many were new people that they did not know.



The power of God fell upon the people and many were healed when we prayed the mass prayer of faith.

We also laid hands on scores of pastors, ministers and workers.

Anatolio interprets for Tony Abram.

Tony praying the Prayer of Faith.

The power and anointing fell heavy on them and many were refilled with the Holy Spirit.

Many fell under the power of the Lord as I laid hands and spoke the Name of Jesus over them.

Pastors and
workers fall under the power of God.

You will note I am wearing a gift poncho that looks much like a prayer shawl. We give God all the Glory.

Our third crusade was in the warmest city in Argentina, San Juan in the province of San Juan.

All the pastors in the city got together for the first time ever to hear me and to invite us for We did tell them we would not come for such a meeting unless all would participate.

The stadium seats 12,000 and almost that many can fit in the open area. Our crusade at this time in San Juan was to help plant a new church and work there. (Pictures of stadium are at bottom of this page.)

Praise God, each service resulted in many being saved, healed and delivered. We had a special miracle service where we laid hands on hankies and aprons in faith, as a point of contact. (Acts 19:11-12) God’s power fell on scores of people. The brethren were some of the warmest and most loving people that we ever met.

Crusade Team.

Anatolio Rysko, Jose and Delia were such a blessing to us and helped us in the ministry to the people.

Anatolio not only did translating but taught workers each morning for three hours from the Word of God.

Tony praying and giving a word over the vice president of Argentina Assemblies of God

Only eternity will reveal all that God did.

However, now we are able to give God all the Glory, Honor and Praise for what He did!

Service after service leading souls to the Living Lord!

Coming to Jesus for Salvation!

Anatolio and Tony.

We know, as you pray and stand in faith with us, you too will share in the harvest.

We want to hear God one day say, “Well done!” We are sure you desire to hear that as well. God bless you and yours.


Hands on hearts praying sinner’s prayer.

Hands on hearts praying sinner’s prayer.

Tony leading these to Christ!

Tony telling the new converts to do three things each day.

Night after night leading souls to the Lord Jesus!

Tony taking break with Pastor Jose.

Marge and Delia in the Stadium.

Tony praying that next year
thousands will find Christ here.

We joined these 2 photos together to show the 12,000
seating crusade site for next year’s crusade.
God bless you!
Tony and Marge Abram

Argentinean Flag

Argentina - Mendoza is near the top middle left


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