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Volume XXXXIX No. 6

We are late in sending this report of part two of the Taiwan, Republic of China due to the passing of Mother Abram. Last month we printed the Memorial Edition of her going on to Glory. We do want to thank all of you who have sent cards of sympathy and encouragement, the many emails and also the gifts for the memorial building (s) for churches we will purchase in her memory. She preferred this rather than flowers. Her prayers are still on file in heaven which she prayed for you and for us. God is still answering those prayers.

In this month’s report you can see that we used as many photos as possible for they can speak much. We cannot express in words all the wonderful things that the Lord has done. John 21:25 (KJV) And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

Hall filled, many standing outside, no room inside.              |     Tony Abram leading in praise!

Blowing Shofar in praise.

Earnest seekers!

 In every service God moved. It makes me think of the early church in the second chapter of the Book of Acts. People received Christ, they were healed, filled with the Spirit and their needs supplied. It was good working again with John and Hyoncha Clark. They are our representatives and Associate Evangelists for Abundant Life Crusades in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

They have also been our friends since 1978. John and Hyoncha have spent over 20 years of their lives as missionaries in the country of Taiwan. They prepared our itinerary in Taiwan. John and Hyoncha have a proven ministry. He has written several books in Chinese.

Not only Evangelist also teacher of the Word!

Marge Abram sharing her testimony.

They have been promoting our new book that we had printed in both the Chinese and English languages. It is being circulated all over Taiwan and I believe will be soon available in Mainland China. A reason we have it in both languages is that so many people in Japan, Taiwan, and China and all over Asia want to learn and know English. This makes the book very attractive to the unsaved as well as the believer.

The book is a translation of a book that many of you may have read, ‘Keys of the Kingdom.’ We wrote it years ago and still offer it for an offering of $5.00 to cover the Shipping

Overflow services, morning and evening.

Receive now in Jesus Name!

We give God the Glory as over the years ’Keys of the Kingdom’ has been translated in a number of foreign languages and been a blessing to many. If you would like to order yours in English, write us or go to our website at www.tonyabram.com and order it from there

Tony with Amy translating.

John Clark holding Tony’s latest Chinese book
telling what a blessing it is to all.

John with his interpreter, sharing the Word.

Marge and Amy sharing the message.

Marge , Tony, Pastor and Sister Wong of Hsinchu
and John and Hyoncha Chark.

The Mountain People of Taiwan were the first people that came to the Island. The population of Taiwan is 23,100,000. Presbyterian and Baptist churches in Taiwan supported our ministry in Taiwan both with the Taiwanese and Mountain people on this mission.

When the Portuguese sailors first came in the 1500’s, the Island was so beautiful that they named it ‘Formosa’ meaning beautiful in the Portuguese language. During the settlement by the Dutch and the waves of settlers from China, the Aborigines retreated to the hills and mountains and became the ‘Mountain People.’

Young mountain people praying

The Dutch brought in Chinese laborers as migrant workers for the sugar plantations and rice fields. They settled and married Aborigine wives. Thus a new race was born: the Taiwanese. In 1949, Chiang Kai-shek lost the war on the mainland and fled to Taiwan, where he established Taiwan as we know it today. The religions of Taiwan are a mixture. In 1622 the Dutch introduced Protestant Christianity; two years later the Spanish brought Roman Catholicism to the island.

In addition, Confucianism has immensely influenced the Chinese people of Taiwan. The principal religions in Taiwan, in addition to the forms of worship of the Aborigines are Taoism and Buddhism. Christians constitute a small but significant percentage of the population; about three-fifths are Protestant and the rest Roman Catholic. There are also a large number of Muslims, most of whom live in the larger cities. You can see there is still a great need for a great Work of God in Taiwan. Among the mountain people there is a much higher percentage of believers. They seem to be more responsive and open to the Gospel.

It is a joy to minister to them and watch them respond and receive from our Living Risen Saviour. As of most of Asia, we are always treated well and respected by the Asian people. The Mountain People were no different. They opened their hearts to the Word of God and to our ministry. Also, like most of Asia, they want to have that personal touch. We laid hands on and prayed for hundreds of people.

Now they are praising God for the answer as Brother Tony leads them in praise and worship

John and Hyoncha were a great help to Marge and myself. Also, we had a wonderful interpreter in Sister Amy whom you see in the photos with me. I told her that my ’nickname’ for her was ’Aaron.’ I usually tell our interpreters that as Aaron spoke for Moses, so they must speak for me when I do not know the language. What is wonderful, is that when we have a Spirit filled interpreter, the same anointing that comes upon me, comes upon them as they interpret.

Please continue to pray for Asia and for us.

We love you.

God bless you and yours.
Tony & Marge


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