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Volume XXXXVIX (XLIX) No. 10

We rejoice to say that we have helped with the purchase of this 5 story building in Krasnoperekopsk, Crimea, Ukraine with $9,500.00. The total cost was $50,000.00 which would have cost several million dollars to build.

Some windows and repairs are needed. The wonderful part is that it is next door to the church we planted in the mid 1990’s. It is now one of the largest churches in the province of Crimea, if not the biggest.

We paid for one floor in memory of Mother Abram. We thank all the folks who gave for church buildings in her memory.

This is building #181 we have purchased in the former USSR for local churches.

As we stated, this building is next door to the church we planted. The original pastor, Pastor Peter passed away.

His son Daniel is now pastor. He is also the Bishop for the province of Crimea, Ukraine.

They plan to use the building for a youth center, old folks home, to house Bible School students and conduct the Bible School.

They are calling it the House of Salvation because they believe many will be saved there.

The youth center is to get young people off the streets to come for recreation and have the Gospel preached to them.

Pastor Daniel just staring up in amazement at the building, asking God to use it for His Glory.



You can see two views of the building.
It really is a miracle provision of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Photo left is the side of the building that needs windows and cleaning up. The building will have many uses.

Little did the original builders know that this was going to become a soul-winning station, winning the lost and training believers to become soulwinners.

They report that they have now installed 39 windows, 5 metal screens, 2 metal entry doors, purchased drywall for ceilings, connected the water, sewer and electric.

They could not do this without the help you, other ministries and teachers have done.

Pastor Daniel right, points out the window to his local church
which is next door to the huge 5 story building


tony and marge

The old photo on the left is of Marge and I singing and playing together.

It shows Marge with her accordion (which she occasionally still plays) and myself with my 1961 Gibson Classic Guitar (worth now about 1500 dollars but purchased in 1964 by Marge for me for 125 dollars as a gift).

I have been asked, “Where is it now?” I no longer have it as I traded it for many thousands of my message tract on salvation printed in Spanish for Mexico.

We hope to reach a million people with the message through them.

In the lower photo, you can see some of the tracts packaged on the platform as I pray over them and dedicate them. 

I felt that my guitar, which I treasured very much, was traded for an eternal value, reaching people with the Gospel.

Many packages of gospel tracts.

This has been my wife and my life for 50 years together in ministry, that people will hear the saving gospel of the Lord Jesus. Mark 16:15 (KJV) And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. We celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary this November 20th. Our prayer is that our latter ministry will be even more effective than our former.

We thank you for your part in this ministry.

God bless you.
Tony and Marge Abram


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