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Volume XXXXIX No. 9

Mother Abram would be pleased and happy that three new buildings for churches were purchased in her memory. She would have added them to her prayer list if she were still here.  Perhaps the Lord will let her know that there were many who loved her. 

She did not want flowers at her funeral (although there were some beautiful baskets).  She would rejoice that people gave gifts in her memory to purchase buildings for churches in the former USSR.

In these three buildings there will be a small plaque saying ‘In Memory of Mother Abram.’ However, it will be in the Russian or Ukrainian languages.

Building # 179 in Veselyanka, Zaporizhiia Region, Ukraine.

The photos on this page are of building number #179 in Veselyanka, Zaporizhiia Region, Ukraine which we have been able to purchase in the former USSR.

This is a town/large village where one of our graduates is working. They started the work with the backing of the local church in Zaporizhia where we had the school.

They already have quite a few kids that have come to Christ in this village. Good response.

The building is in the center of town. We gave them $4,500.00 to purchase the building and land. (they had borrowed this amount by faith so as not to lose it). They still need remodeling work inside but it is useable right now and they are conducting meetings there.  This town has a large tuberculosis hospital with terminal cases.

God is using this former student. He is doing a good job planting this church. They do not have to worry about being thrown out of a rental building which has happened many times in many places in the former USSR. It can happen in the middle of a service.

This building had been used previously as a Pharmacy. The pastor’s name is Pastor Vyacheslav. Pray for him and this new congregation that God will give them many souls.

Side view of church.

Pastor with some of the children.
Building number #180 is in Ostrikovka, Zaporizhia region. We purchased this building and land for $3,000.00, formerly a local general store in this small town. They already have a fine group of believers in this town.

This church was planted by a church in Tokmak where we had a school of ministry a couple of years ago. They borrowed the funds to get it before they lost it. We were asked and have given them the money so they are able to use the building already for their meetings. It will still need some remodeling.

They too are putting a small plaque in Mom Abram’s memory. Mother bought one of the first buildings almost 20 years ago for $300.00. Then it was much cheaper to do so. She prayed much for that local church.

Building number #180 is in Ostrikovka, Zaporizhia region.

Side view.

Back view.

Entrance view.

Building #178 is in YIskitim, Siberia, Russia site of one of the worse gulags (hard labor camps) in Soviet times. Pastor Zhenya is leading a fine congregation there. They still have many challenges, not the least of which was, having had to meet in a strip club on Sundays as that is the only facility that would rent to the church.

However, we were able to acquire land and a house next to the house they already use for weekday church activities and the Bible School. They dug the footings to expand the facility, moving forward in faith. They needed financial help to do this as most of the people are very poor.

Please pray for them. Our ministry has responded with $2,000.00 toward this urgent need in Siberia, Russia.

Building # 178 is in Iskitim, Siberia, Russia.

Iskitim, Siberia, Russia building back view.

We do not have our names on any of these buildings. Only 3 of them will have plaques in Mom’s memory out off the 180 we purchased for churches these past 20 years. They all belong to the local church.

You have prayed, stood in faith, having a part. God bless you. Tony and Marge Abram.


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