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Tony and Marge Abram have been sharing God's Good News for over 64 years!

Volume XXXXVIII No. 10

In this ‘Good News’ report, we are emphasizing the ministry and 100th Year Family Reunion of Marge Abram.

Mafety and Eudocia (Melnychuk) Kryzanowski and their children, Peter, Sennie, John, Marge’s father) and Yeels left their village in Laskewka, Bukovina, Ukraine (Austria at that time) to embark on their journey to their new home in Canada.

Their trip across the Atlantic was plagued by sea-sickness. As pioneers, the family arrived in Quebec City on September 10, 1911 via the ship Willehad.  They traveled across Canada by train to Vegreville, Alberta in time for the harvest.  Later that fall, the family arrived at John Melnychuk’s homestead. Eleven people wintered in the two-room log house.

July 9, 1912 Marge’s grandfather Mafety purchased land with a log house, sod roof and dirt floor, log barn with a sod roof and a chicken coop. Three more children were added to the family: Annie, Katie and George.  In 1944 Mafety and Eudocia moved into the village of Glendon, Alberta where they lived until their passing, Mafety in 1956 at age 87 and Eudocia in 1972 at 97.

Grandpa spoke with an angel and heard the angelic choir sing before he died. Marge asked her grandmother why she had lived so long.  She replied that she had always honored and obeyed her parents. Their strong faith and hard work sustained them in this new land.

Marge’s Grandfather Mafety and
Grandmother Eudocia Kryzanowski.

Marge Abram singing to the Lord

We are thankful that God in His Divine Plan sent Mafety and Eudocia Kryzanowski to Canada.  Marge has been a faithful fellow worker in the Vineyard of God these past 49 years. They have not all been easy years as God has sent us into over 125 countries to preach and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord!  Her conversion to Christ took place 64 years ago in a village called Glendon, Alberta, Canada. where she as a young girl, experienced the saving grace of Jesus.

Tony adds: "I do congratulate you, Marjorie Abram, for your 64 years of serving our Lord Jesus Christ. More so, I thank our Father in Heaven for your life and ministry, that He gave you to be my helpmate and fellow worker in the Vineyard of God, in this ministry of World Evangelism. I am sure that this testimony and news of your 100th Year Anniversary will be a blessing to all as you read it."

Two year old Marge at family gathering.

Marge tells story about grandparents

Parade through Glendon!

Family Tree.
Before telling the highlights of my conversion, I want to begin and share a little of our wonderful 100-year Anniversary.

When my grandparents arrived in Canada in September of 1911, with only ten dollars in their pockets, my father, the third child, along with his sister and two brothers, was only three and a half years old. Life was very difficult for them. They were very poor so Grandpa and Grandma both worked to help other farmers.

It was one such evening that a horse and rider arrived at their farm. They did not know it, but he was a Bible salesman! Grandma invited him in and prepared some food for him. After the meal, he brought out the Bible and began to read to them. It sounded so wonderful! They had never seen a Bible. But it was late and time to retire for the night. Grandma prepared a bed for him on the floor.

The next morning, they all rose and Grandma prepared some breakfast. He read the Word of God to them again. He saw that they were too poor to purchase the Bible so he left it with them. Every day Grandpa read the Word to the family.

<-- Part of Marge’s father John’s family.

<-- Part of Aunt Annie Andriachuk’s family.

<-- Part of Aunt Sennie Kissel’s family.
<-- Part of Uncle Yeels’ family.

<-- Marge, Tony, Jordan, Rejoice, Bill, Wanda,
Ed, Evelyn and Keith.

They began to have knowledge of the Word, God sending ministers to them, especially calling a minister from the Ukraine, Rev. Karp Hrycauk, to go to his own people in the far away land of Canada.

This precious man sacrificed much, walking many miles in snow and bad weather to bring the full gospel message to this needy people. How I thank God for these pioneers of faith who brought the message of God's love, redemption and the need for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit! . It was in this setting that I was born.

We attended church and Sunday School. Grandfather and grandmother have over 300 descendants and over 180 attended the Family Reunion. It was so wonderful to see so many of my relatives that I had not see for many years.

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