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Volume XXXXVIII No. 7

In this month’s ‘Good News’ Report, we want to share with you one of the little known outreaches of the ministry of Abundant Life Crusades. That outreach is our website on the internet. It has two addresses www.abundantlifecrusades.com and www.tonyabram.com.

Thousands of people have gone to our website in search of spiritual needs or spiritual information. Below is a list of the countries that people have visited our website most recently.

We do appreciate Tom and Bev who manage our website. This is part of their ministry and business of creating websites for ministries and secular businesses. You can visit their own website by going to www.tomax.com (or www.digitalsmiles.com) for more information.

We feel that this outreach we have through the internet is needed as the whole world seems to be revolving around the internet. Children are spending hours daily in front of computer screens. I preached long ago that I believe God allows man to create things to be a blessing but the devil changes them for evil.

For example, I believe the printing press was created to print the Word of God but man has changed it to print pornographic material. The radio was created to hear the Word of God, man uses it to listen to evil. The television, to see the wonderful works of God, yet man uses it for many evil uses. I believe the internet should be used to spread the Word everywhere but man is using it for many evil purposes and I believe that the Anti-Christ will utilize it in the last days for his purposes to deceive man.

Jesus said in (Mark 16:15 KJV)  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. The forever purpose of this ministry has been and will continue to be reaching people with the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot save anyone, only Jesus can do that. It is our commission to tell the world the message of Christ and those that believe will be saved by Him.

Purpose #1 that we have the website is to reach people world-wide. You can see by the many countries that visit our web site on the first page that it is many. Praise the Lord!

Purpose #2 is to pray for those in need that send us their prayer requests.  Here is a recent one of many we received: “I read your message about backsliders on your website. Please, I want you to pray for me because I have backslid against God and against my spouse.”  We receive requests from all over the world to pray for them.

Purpose #3 is to inform believers of our ministry so that they may join us by praying for us and for a great continuing harvest through this ministry.

Purpose #4 is to help ministers, (especially those starting to preach) teachers and believers through the ‘Sermon Outlines’ teachings from our sermons and outlines.

Purpose #5 is to for people to view and read our ‘Good News’ report on line, praise God and give Glory to God.

Purpose #6 is to offer the publications, books and recordings free except for postage and handling.

Purpose #7 is the most important of all and that is to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ.

(John 12:32 KJV)  And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. There are many aspects of our ministry that we do not publicize.

However, we are not concerned here as we know our Heavenly Father keeps all the records.

Please keep praying for Marge and me and for the ministry God has given us that we may always be true, faithful and strong.

We appreciate you, our prayer partners, as the Bible declares: 

(2 Cor 6:1 KJV)   We then, as workers together with Him…..

God bless you and yours.

Tony and Marge Abram.

Some of the nations who have visited our website:

tony and marge
Tony & Marge Abram
tom and bev
Tom and Bev McLaughlin.
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