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Volume XXXXVI No. 8

Once again we had some victorious ministry in Russia. Many times as I begin to write a report, I just praise God For all He has done. It matters not what we have seen in almost 50 years of ministry, yet God keeps on surprising us with His Love and Power. I thought it would be good to insert here part of the report Walter Zygarewicz wrote. (We serve an awesome God! He never ceases to amaze us!

workers going all over Russia
These workers will go all over Russia with the Word of God.

We had a great start to the Missionary (Bible) School in Kaluga, Russia. It is located in Central Russia, several hours from Moscow.  

The weather turned cold but we had a warm reception from our gracious hosts, Bishop Gregory and his wife Olga. He is Pastor of Grace Church, Bishop over the region of Kaluga and Regional Bishop over 11 Bishops in Central Russia, which includes Moscow.

The students (future missionaries) were very attentive and desirous to learn God's Word and methods of evangelism. Veteran Missionary Evangelist Tony Abram and I had six sessions the first day and 9 sessions the following.

The plan is for these students to start new churches as soon as possible. They will continue intensive training in the day and practical evangelism in the evenings. 10 churches were started by the graduates of the first school. Similar results are expected from this group. It was good to meet some of our graduates of our St. Petersburg School in 1997. They are active in ministry, most of them are pastoring churches in Kaluga Region. 

praising the Lord together
These are praising God for His wonderful Word with signs following.


 Russian pastor in St. Petersburg
Russian Pastor we trained years before in St. Petersburg
with Tony and Walter

Tony preaching with translator
Tony Abram and his translator minister
and teach the Word of God with power.

The Central Region of Russia is very needy spiritually, with only 170 churches in the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith with 8,000 believers, and, double that would include all other Christian Churches. That is very little in a region of 37 Million, which includes 15 Million in Moscow. This reminded me of how Nehemiah felt when he assessed the conditions of the walls and gates of Jerusalem. I felt the Lord re-enforcing what He has been saying to us - that we must double our efforts in Russia. In Moscow, it was good to see Pastors Nikolay Makoyed and Ivan Borichevskiy and their wives.

Everyone loves Marge
Everyone loves Marge Abram.

Walter preaching the Word of God
Walter Zygarewicz teaches the good Word of God!

It was exciting to set foot in the new Missions Center that is about to be completed. We expect that we will be training young workers to be able to go the front lines ofevangelism on the ripened ready mission fields of the former USSR and Muslim countries. Soon we will have students (future missionaries) being trained and equipped to evangelize more of the un-reached areas. There are still almost 120,000 population points in Russia without a Christian Church.

raised hands worshipping our Lord
Hands raised in praise for the Word and Spirit of God moving among these Russian people

Please continue to pray and stand with us as we continue to reach this land for Christ! ) We do appreciate this report on our ministry there. We can not begin to tell all the ‘Good News.’ John 21:25 (KJV) And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. Walter, as you know, started to work with us when he was 19 years old in Bolivia, South America.  He worked faithfully with us for 7 years when he and his wife Nina embarked on their own ministry. However, through the years our ministries have connected and these last 17 years we have done much of our work in the former USSR networking with him and his fellow workers. In truth we are all workers together with the Lord.

new church is packed
New Church packed.

As you know we have been able, through prayers and support, to purchase 149 buildings that were converted into local churches, personally plant 66 churches that have spun off into several hundred local churches and are supporting more that 50 full time workers in the former USSR.

We are also partly supporting 12 missionary schools in different parts of Russia with $100.00 each. The students of these missionary schools have produced over 150 new churches.

We give all the Glory to Jesus! Russia is a much bigger mission field than Africa, as Walter wrote above and is worth repeating, ‘There are still almost 120,000 population points in Russia without a Christian Church.’ Next month we will be printing our annual report on what we are doing through the nations that God has us involved in at this present time

Spirit of the Living God moving amongst the Russians
The Spirit of God moves upon these precious Russian hearts

Here are some interesting facts of the Kaluga region where our last missions school was held.
Kaluga is a city in western Russia, located on the Oka River 188 km (120 miles) southwest of Moscow. It is the capital of the Province. Population: 334,751 (2002 Census); Kaluga was founded in the mid-14th century as a border fortress.. Kaluga is connected to Moscow by a railway line and the ancient roadway which is known as the Kaluga road.  This road was the favored escape route from the Moscow trap for Napoleon in the fall of 1812. Kaluga was occupied by the Nazi armies in 1941. In 1944 the Soviet Government used its local military buildings to intern hundreds of Polish POW - soldiers of the Polish Underground Home Army, who were arrested by the advancing Soviet front. Kuluga is the Auto manufacturing center of Russia.

Marge and I love you and we sincerely appreciate all your prayers and support to this missionary ministry.

God bless you and yours is our daily prayer. We love you.

Tony and Marge Abram 


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