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What a move of God we saw in Southern Russia!  The First Regional Missions Conference in Southern Russia drew 125 missionaries who were ethnic Russian and those of 25 nationalities.  We had people from as far as Murmansk, in the Arctic Circle, Abhazia (break-away region of Georgia), Adegea (a Muslim republic within the Krasnodar Region), Sochi, Volgograd, and Astrakhan.  I was accompanied by my good friend Walter Zygarewicz, Veteran Missionary Evangelist, who has ministered in many nations.  Many of those nations, we together have held crusades and seminars in past years.  We have been good friends since 1972. 
He is a like a younger brother to both Marge and I.

tony abram walter
Tony Abram and Walter Zygarewic

Russians enjoy the presence of the Lord
Russians enjoying the presence of the Lord.

crusade services are packed
Crusade services are packed with spiritually hungry Russian hearts in Krasnodar, Russia.

We both challenged the missionaries with the urgency of reaching their nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and all were refilled during the week long conference. The teaching meetings where filled with the POWER OF GOD.

bishop sergey
Bishop Sergey Nakul leads the crusade service with choir.

in front of cultural hall
Tony with the Bishop in front of the Cultural Hall.

One afternoon meeting, after my teaching on Mark 16:15-20, I had everyone lay hands on and pray for each other.  I believe everyone was healed. Praise the Lord! Pastor Ivan Borichevskiy, Director of Missions for the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, shared how there were yet over 120,000 population points (cities, towns, villages) that had no church or Gospel witness.  God spoke to the hearts of these workers, a number of them graduates of our Bible School in Krasnodar, to launch out as never before into the harvest fields of Russia and beyond.  We heard wonderful reports of God working in their regions. Bishop Sergey Nakul and Pastor Andrey Alexeyev, who invited us, also challenged them to move forward.  We plan to have a missionary school in Krasnodar, Russia.

missions class
Tony Abram with his interpreter training the missionaries.

joy of the Lord on faces
The Joy of the Lord is on their faces.

After the conference we had two special Crusade Thanksgiving Outreaches with Bethany Church in Krasnodar, a city of about 1 million.  They rented the largest available hall a "Cultural Palace" belonging to the Railroad.  (Note the photo above two rows: I am standing with the Bishop and his wife in front of the statue of Lenin which is in the front of the Cultural Palace. He would turn over in his coffin there in Red Square, Moscow if he knew how the hall was now being used.)

It was packed with over 1200 in each of the three hour services, with hundreds more in the overflow area.  Hundreds of children were sent to children's church to allow for more adults to pack the hall.  Many souls came to Christ and hundreds were healed.

helping hands
Tony with happy pastor standing next to him after giving him $1000.00
to help with the church construction.

you can do what Jesus said you can do
Tony says “You can do what Jesus said you can do!”

praising God
The missionaries are filled with the Holy Spirit and are praising God with a loud voice. PTL!

Pray for our ministry as we continue to work in this most needy part of the world. There are many regions that have not been touched with the Gospel. We are sending teachers to various regions conducting Missionary Training Schools. Graduates have already started over 120 new works in less than a year. We gave $1,000.00 toward the church that is being built in Southern Russia. (See Photo) Also, several hundred dollars, toward the needs of a rehabilitation center. We are at this time supporting 12 missionary couples in Russia with $100.00 each.

church in southern russia
We gave $1000.00 toward the construction of this church in Southern Russia

evangelizaiton of the world
Tony Abram teaching on the Evangelization of the World

Brother Ivan Borichevskiy poured out his heart how they are having a month, all day mission seminars throughout Russia, the purpose to raise up more workers for the Kingdom of God. There are 15 planned cities. We gave $1,500.00 toward these outreaches. We want to do all we can while we can. We believe the time is short and only what we do for Christ will last! Pray for us. III John 2. .
God bless you and yours. Your fellow workers, Tony and Marge

worship team
Worship Team.

walter doing what he does best, sharing Jesus
Walter Zygarewicz teaching the Word


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