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Indian and African Workers Added, Three New Church
Buildings, Two in Africa and One in India Ministry Report!
Volume XXXXVI No.4

We have added some new outreaches and support recently and would like to make them known to you so that you can pray for them and their soul winning ministries. There are 5 additional ministers we are now supporting monthly from Malawi, East Africa and 5 from the Agratalla and Calcutta, India areas. We are told from David Walker of the David Walker Ministries that these 10 soul winners do greatly need help. We are supporting each of these full time pastors, evangelists with $25 monthly. 

tony and marge
Tony & Marge Abram, missionaries to the nations.

We wonder how can this be, but we have read and heard on the news that President Obama’s half brother in Kenya, Africa earns only one dollar per month. It staggers us. We have also given money to build 2 churches in Malawi, Africa and one in Orissa, India. We have also purchased for evangelism a motor bike in the Calcutta, India area. David wrote: “I will send the pictures as soon as I get them- won't take long, and as soon as we start the building projects. I will get the pictures after construction. When you send the money we will get it all underway. Thank you, thank you, thank you, love you brother”.

motorbike for 750
We bought motorbike for $750

I.D. Srinu orissa india
I. D. SRINU, church planter in Orissa, India.

The cost of construction of the two church buildings in Africa is only $600.00 each and the one in India is $1500.00. Can you imagine building a church in North America for only six hundred dollars or even for fifteen hundred as in the poor area of India? Orissa, India is an area of great persecution of Christians. Brother Walker writes more, “Yet, pastor I.D. Suna, is working for the Lord.  He has planted many churches. These are some of the finest men in Malawi, Zambia and India. They will do you proud.  They have been taught well and we have discipled them for three years. We have also provided materials and Bibles for them. They are really great investments for ministry.” Here is a bit of a report from a news media of the persecution against Christians and yet these workers are putting their lives on the line for the Gospel. Let us pray for them. TIKABALI, India (Reuters) - On a starry night last week, as Lal Mohan Digal prepared to go to bed, a mob of raging, machete-wielding Hindu zealots appeared above the hills of his mud house and swarmed over this bucolic hamlet in Orissa.

Budhakisore Jamatia God bless him!
He is the pastor of the same church on the Hill top
which was destroyed, now rebuilt.

Daniel Khara in Basrrshat
DANIEL KHARA is planting churches in Basirhat, India.

By dawn, Christian homes in the village were smoking heaps of burnt mud and concrete shells. Churches were razed, their wooden doors and windows stripped off. "We could hear them come shouting 'Jai Shri Ram'," Digal said, referring to the rallying cry of Hindus hailing their warrior-god.The mob poured kerosene on the thatched rooftops of the village homes, then threw matches. Church spires were hacked down. The Hindu part of the village was untouched. For four days Digal and his stricken Christian neighbors hid in the teak forests, before being herded to a government-run relief camp. The violence replicated itself in village after village, as the rural Kandhamal district of Orissa convulsed from some of the worst anti-Christian attacks in India. At least 16 people, mostly Christians were killed, churches destroyed and 10,000 Christians were forced to flee their homes as violence spread

Shanti Das
SHANTI DAS is a church planter
near the Bangladesh border

Monoj Mallick of Bairhat
MONOJ MALLICK of BASIRHAT, West Bengal, India.
He is a good church planter.

church meeting under a tree
Raijhula, Malawi, East Africa. This is where we are building a church building for $600.
They now meet under a tree until the building is completed.

Malai Africa

I remember in 1967 visiting with Dasiy Osborn, when Missionary Evangelist T. L. Osborn walked out of his office. Before hugging and greeting me, he said; “Tony you will never be the same!” I did not know what he meant. He said, “You just came back from Africa and you will never be the same.” I knew what he was saying, once you have preached in Africa to the Africans, you are never the same. If you have any ‘preach’ in you, they will pull it out of you.
Marge and I have traveled and ministered in over 125 countries in the past 46 years and although I love preaching and telling people about Christ everywhere I go, yet I think it is the Africans I enjoy preaching to the most. They respond to the Word and faith message so wonderfully. That is another reason why I am glad we are taking on more of these wonderful workers. Please pray for all the workers you are helping us assist in Africa, India, Russia, Ukraine, China, Latin America and Asia. You have a part in this GREAT HARVEST! We are workers together with Christ!
Tony leading hundreds to the Lord
Tony Abram leads hundreds of Africans to Jesus!
together in Zambia
Together in Zambia, Africa.
INFORMATION OF WORKERS. from left to right:
Names below, plus the location, or center of ministry:  

1. ALFRED CHISUNKA, CHIPOKA, CHITIPA - He  remains to develop that area. He is just new in this area which needs much evangelism. Pray for a great harvest of souls.
2.PETER MWANSA - ZAMBIA - He at this time opening some new works in Zambia, Africa.  
3.MOSES MWAMPASHI--/-LAZARUSI SIBALE-KAYEREKERA. In KARONGA -, He will open new works to the unreached people in mountain industrial,/ mining area. of Karonga.
4. GEOFREY SICHULA, NZOCHE, ZAMBIA -BORDER, - continues to reach the unreached people in that side of Zambia, but this is under our supervision. 
5. ENEAR  KAYANGE - NAMUYEMBA AREA  IN , CHITIPA, Africa, worker to the people of East Africa.

Pray for these 5 soul winners below!


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