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Tony and Marge Abram have been sharing God's Good News for over 64 years!

Volume XXXXVI I No. 1

In this, the first report of 2010 we are sharing photos and reports on the wonderful time of ministry with ‘Agua Viva’ in this report on the Workers Seminar, Work Shops and Minister’s Banquet. It was so good to work with Clarence and Marion (Zirkle) Wright.  God has given them a wonderful vision and outreach to Latin America. They, along with Carol, Rony and other workers prepared and worked out a rewarding schedule for us.  

Harley Fiddler, Marge and I taught hundreds of workers in the seminar from every country in Central America, also from Mexico and Bolivia, South America. It is always a joy and privilege to work with Harley Fiddler, who is a great ‘Man of God’. He feels as Marge and I do, that OUR SUPREME TASK IS THE EVANGELIZATION OF THE WORLD! WE NEED TO BE ALWAYS ABOUT OUR FATHER’S GOOD BUSINESS!  WE ARE WORKERS TOGETHER WITH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Tony teaching in seminar to hundreds of ministers and workers from all over Latin America!

Tony Abram teaching the Word.

 Remember what Jesus told you and me: Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature Please remember you can always go to: www.tonyabram.com and see all these photos and others that we do not print in color. Go to the link ‘Good News’ and then open any of our reports from the past eight years by clicking.

<--Tony preaching in the Banquet where the Holy Spirit fell.
Marge shared life experiences in Workshop.-->

Harley teaching under the anointing.

Even in the Banquet they take notes.

Tony sits while teaching.

Marge and I have been doing Missionary Evangelism for just over 47 years now and we never grow tired of telling the ‘Good News’ of the Word of God, even though sometimes our bodies feel worn. We know that God’s people just like you are carrying us with their faith and prayers.

Teaching in the Workshop, the things we have seen
they too can see happen in their ministries.

A break with some good Gospel
music that is good in every language.

Tony teaching in Seminar.

Earnest Seekers!

Tony Abram teaching the Word that God has given him.

Marge and Carmen teaching in a Workshop.

 This is why we can be ‘Workers together with Christ’ in the ripened harvest fields of the world. We want to say that the workers, ministers and missionaries were so very attentive to the teaching lessons. Even though they spent many hours each day in seminar, workshops and even during the minister’s banquet, (Where I believe all were refilled with the Holy Spirit) they were attentive and took intensive notes.

Teaching is wonderful, however this is what Tony loves the best, leading people to the answer, Jesus Christ!

Evangelist Harley Fiddler rejoicing over what God is doing.

Tony teaching the Word in a Workshop!

Marge loves the people.


Clarence and Marion (Zirkle) Wright

We believe and pray that what Harley, Marge and I taught will help bring in a great harvest from their fields of labor.

Pray for them and for us. God bless you and yours.
Your missionaries,
Tony and Marge.


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