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Volume XXXXVI No. 1

Our outreach ministry for this mission to Argentina consisted of two soul winning crusades. Our team consisted of my self (Tony Abram), my wife Marge Abram, Anatolio Rysko (Our Latin America Associate Evangelist) and joining us for our ministry was Luis Sanchez, (singing evangelist from Texas of Mexican background, he has sung for Billy Graham and Franklin Graham Crusades) and his wife.

He also did a lot of the translating along with Anatolio. He and his wife Patrica, along with Anatolio were a great blessing in all of our outreaches.

 coming to Jesus
Evangelist Tony Abram leading hundreds of souls
to Christ in Posados, Argentina Crusade.


Main hall is filled.

Bleachers filled

The first crusade was in Posados, capital city of the province of Misiones and the second was in the capital city of the Resistencia of the province of Chaco. It has been 31 years since Marge and I were in these two cities for crusades.  It was so wonderful to meet people that were saved and healed 31 years ago and now bringing their families to the crusades both in Argentina and Paraguay.  (Next month’s Good News will have the Paraguay Report. It too is very exciting.)  At that time, 31 years ago, we had a great harvest in an amphitheater in Posados and football stadium in Resistencia.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today & forever


Anatolio Rysko interprets Marge Abram

There was such wonderful victory and ministry during the mission. We do not have room to tell all the victories God gave and all Glory belongs to Him alone!  In the first crusade it was wonderful to see the basketball auditorium packed with people.  It was wonderful to hear the testimonies of healing, but best of all was seeing the many who crowded forward to receive Christ as their Personal Saviour.  God confirmed His Word nightly with healings.

Had not seen each other for over 30 years.
Marge embraces Margaret Mueller.

Lining up to tell of their healing. Her pain is gone.

 Our second crusade in Argentina was in the city of Resistencia. It was also in a basketball gym. God confirmed His Word with many signs and wonders. Many were healed and delivered. The greatest miracle was the many who came forward each night to receive the Living Christ.

Tony being interviewed for a local TV News Station.

Anointed Praise and Worship Team.

Coming to the Living Christ in Resistencia Crusade in the Basketball Stadium.
In the first two weeks of traveling and ministry, we lost four nights of sleep, two nights on overnight bus trips and two nights on overnight flights, but the Lord gave us strength and anointing to carry on. I believe it is because many of you carry Marge and I with your prayers and faith. I am also reminded of the words of Paul in Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Argentinan Pastors help Tony pray the ‘Prayer of Faith’
by laying hands on the sick.

Marge Abram sharing before Tony’s message
We made some plans with our Co-Evangelist Rysko for a future mass crusades in Mexico, Central and South America, however, doing it in the timing of God. For 46 years, Marge and I have been active in world evangelism. We know that without you, God’s people, we could not have gone and preached to the multitudes.

Church Brass Band playing in the Posados Crusade

Evangelist Luis and Patrica Sanchez sing and bless the people
We have traveled into over 125 countries and yet A very frequent geographical question is "How many countries are in the world?" Different numbers pop up when one inquires or reads about the number of countries in the world. Each source you use often yields a different answer.  Ultimately, the best answer is that there are 195 countries in the world.  We need to work while we can.

Marge and I have tried to be faithful, but let us do as Jesus said in (Mat 9:38 KJV) "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest".

Argentinean harvest of souls!

God bless you and your. Your fellow workers, Tony and Marge Abram.


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