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Sergey Kevorkov working in Sveturad, Russia worker #4.

We praise God for the wonderful time of ministry God gave us in Russia.

Last month we reported on the Schools, Conference and Crusade.

In this report we want to give you some information on the 12 new Russian workers who are working in unreached areas of Russia.

We reported last month and want to emphasis that there are over 120,000 cities, towns and villages that have not any Christian witness whatsoever, including the Orthodox Church.

walter and tony
Walter Zygarewicz interprets
into Russian for Tony Abram

Alexander Pospelov working in Idrisuv, Russia. Worker #5

I know that this is hard to believe.

That is why God put on our hearts to try to help all we can.  

Last month we printed three of the Russian worker’s photos.

Now here are photos of six more we trust you will take on your hearts and pray for them.

<-- Worker # 8 Roman Zayats,
working in Pskovsk, Russia

Nikalay Sinyuk working in Cheboksapi, Russia, worker #9, -->
Sorry Nikalay for the bad picture!)

Vladimir Bogachov, working as evangelist in Russia. worker #6.

Three of the 12 we did not get any photos of, however, they are Brother Dmitriy Idrisov, Sister Natalya and Sister Ludmila.

All twelve are working as evangelists, winning souls and planting churches.

We are helping each with $100.00 per month.

Oleg Mirzagitov worker #7 from Severouralsk, Russia.

We also purchased six more buildings in towns and villages for churches. The six buildings cost a total of $16,000.00 of which one was a large building lot.

- Photo with No. 142 cost $2,000.00 for the large lot.
- Photo with building #143 cost $3,500.00.
- Photo with building #144 we helped with $2,500.00.
- Photo with building #145 we helped with $2,700.00.
- In photo with building #146 we helped with $3,000.00.
- For building #147 we do not have a proper photo but helped with $2,300.00 to purchase it.

This now makes a total of 147 buildings this ministry has helped purchase in the last 14 years for local churches in the former USSR.

Ivan, Tony, Marge
Pastor Ivan, Tony and Marge Abram pose for a photo together after crusade service

You have made this possible with your faith and prayers. We want to especially thank Pastor Darrell Peregrym and his church in Langley, BC, Canada for their great help in making these purchases possible.

No. 142 Mtsensk, Orlov Region, Russia, We purchased this large lot for building a church

You also have a part as you stand with us in this ministry of reaching out to the Lost!

Marge and I have lived, traveled and ministered by faith for 45 years in more than 125 countries.

We have always tried to lift up Jesus, give Him all the Glory and be faithful Stewards.

No. 143 Sever (North) Ural Region, Russia. We helped to purchase this building
for a church

No. 144 Ivdlyu Village, Sever (North), Russia. We helped get this building for a church

Your prayers and faith have carried us. We are truly workers together with Christ.

I remember when we first started buying buildings in the former USSR for churches.

We had a vision for 12, then when we reached it, our vision went to 24, then 40, then 70.

No. 145 in Orlov Region, Russia. We helped to get this building for a church in this village.

No. 146 Ural Region;
Ekaterinovka, Russian Village

After reaching that goal for the Glory of God, we started to believe for 120 church buildings.

We have passed that number and now we have come to a place to say:


Praise God Forever!  God converts and changes people.

We have helped God’s people convert, stores, theaters, houses, post offices, supermarkets, restaurants and even a museum into ‘HOUSES OF PRAYER.’

Thank you for your prayers, faith and support. Marge and I will try to do our best for the Lord!  We are workers together in the Work of God.  I know that you rejoice with us over what God has done.

Truly friends, this has not been the work of man, it has been the work of God.

All Praise, Honor and Glory belong to Jesus!

God bless you and yours is our daily prayer.

Please continue to pray for us.

Tony and Marge Abram
Abundant Life Crusades
www.tonyabram.com  or www.abundantlifecrusades.com


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