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Vol 44 #7

Flying from Okinawa, Japan on five different airplanes arriving in Kiev, Ukraine, meeting up with Walter Zygarewicz on the way at the Frankfurt, Germany airport. Brother Peter met us at the Kiev Airport and drove us in his SUV over 400 miles (700km) in five and half hours. We prayed all the way as you may know the roads in Ukraine are not very good. The train takes 12 hours to do the same trip. 
20th grad classgrad class certificates

Class proudly holding their certificate (sorry for the fuzzy picture)

We rose early the next morning to begin our crusade in Kramatorsk.  In the first service we saw healings and about 40 or more come to Christ. It was the same in every service.  Thank God for the healings (there were some very outstanding ones) but the greatest miracle was seeing 40 to 50 people coming to the Lord for Salvation in each service.

jairo leandro
Jairo Leandro teaching the Word!

brother walter
Walter Zygarewicz

tony abram
Tony Abram

We no sooner finished this crusade, than the ministers were asking us when we could return for another one. We then joined Jairo Leandro, pastor of the Bonnyville Alberta, Canada Slavic Pentecostal Church at our Bible Training School in the city of Slavyansk; He, like the other ministers who came from the USA and Canada, did a wonderful job of teaching and were loved and appreciated by the students. Walter and I also taught and I gave them their final exam before issuing them a 3-month certificate.

winning souls to Jesus
Tony Abram leading precious souls to the living Christ!

 Of the 100 plus students that took the course, we gave out 61 certificates. We let the students themselves set the standard and they are quite strict on themselves. We did however, lay hands and pray over all the students asking God to use them and make great soul winners of them. Of the 2,000 plus students that have gone through the 20 training schools, we are told that over 90% are in ministry today. Praise the Lord!

leading souls to Jesus
In each crusade Tony leads souls to Jesus!

There are hundreds of new works opened in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania by these former students. Two sisters that had gone through the school have opened over 50 churches themselves. God is Good! We have been requested to bring the schools to many more parts of the former USSR.

ukraine crusade
The Hall is filled in this Ukrainian crusade!

Marge and I will be opening a school in the Kharkov province this year while Walter will be opening another one in Russia. Walter and I are doing a month long school just for pastors in Moscow the end of the year closing with the Russian National Conference in mid-December, where hundreds of ministers will attend that week long seminar.

ukraine cruade
Crusade service in Slavyansk.

We will teach on the deeper things of God and minister to them. We will also at that time teach and graduate School #21 in Kharkov and School #22 in Krasnodar, Russia. .

praying in kramatorsk
Standing and praying for God to work in Kramatorsk.

walter, tony, jario
Team of Walter, Tony and Jario.

blessings in krsnoarmeisk
People are blessed during our visit and rally in church in Krsnoarmeisk.

happy in Jesus
Their faces show they are blessed

We also were able, by faith, to purchase 4 more buildings for churches on this trip. This brings the total to date to 135 buildings we have purchased. No sooner had I committed to purchase by faith, building #132 in Krsnoarmeisk that Pastor Jairo said his church in Bonnyville, Alberta would supply the $2,000.00 to our ministry to pay for it. Praise the Lord!

The Word does tell us in: (Isa 65:24 KJV) And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear

house number 134
In the Village of Peremoga, Kharkov Province, building #134 for $2,000.00 with large lot.

walter, tony, anatoliy
Walter, Tony and Bishop Anatoliy
on back lot of building #132.

We purchased building #133 for $2,000.00 in a large village in Simronovka, Zaporizhia Province. Then in the Village of Peremoga, Kharkov Province, building #134 for $2,000.00. It also had a large lot. In the town of Novoivanovka, Kharkov Province, the cost was $2200.00 for building #135. This is a new work with 25 members.

building 133
Building # 133 for $2,000.00 in a large village in Simronovka, Zaporizhia, Province.

Most of the buildings, which are houses are converted into church buildings are new church plants.

You may notice some of the buildings look very similar. The reason is that they were built during the communist era and many buildings look alike.

I should think that if Lenin or Stalin knew that many of the social halls, schools and other public buildings they built were now being bought and made into church buildings, they would turn over in their graves.

building 132
These buildings and large lot are #132 in Krsnoarmeisk
for $2,000.00 are hidden behind trees.

building 135
Novoivanovka, Kharkov Province, cost was $2200.00 for building #135,
a new work with 25 members.

Pray for us. God bless you. Your Missionaries, Tony & Marge Abram

Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


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