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Vol 44 #4

Walter Zygarewicz, Marge Abram and myself met up in Kiev and traveled together to the city of our 20th Basic Bible Training School. The city is Slavyansk, in the Ukrainian language.

Tony teaches the Word.
Marge with Bogdan teaches at school.

 It is also spelled Slovyansk and Slaviansk. It is a city located in eastern Ukraine within the Donetsk District near the Russian border. It was founded in 1676, and has a population of 129,600. In 1676 a fortress named Tor, which is near the Torets river (a tributary of Donetsk river), was built in the current location of the city.

Students attend Soul-winning rally with
Tony and Walter preaching the Word!

Walter with Bogdan are dressed warmly
and teaching the Word of God.

The location of the town, close by several salt lakes, made it a perfect place to produce salt. Since the 16th century this was the main industry, but later when the salt production became unprofitable, it ceased, in December 21, 1782. Then in 1784 the city was renamed to Sloviansk.

Marge teaching special young people meeting.

Currently the city is an important health resort, having hot mineral baths.

The school?s facilities is one of the best we have had for our schools.

100 students were at the opening.

We suspect that there will be more registering for classes. The school is on a Monday to Friday schedule for three months.

 We will be having the best of Bible teachers and ministers coming from the USA, Canada and England. We believe that this school will help train nearly 100 men and women that will go to the ?front lines of evangelism? and win souls.

The students with their notes and pens listen intently and take notes.

Marge very pleased with the 3 roses Tony gave her
for Valentines Day.

We want to win SOUL WINNERS for the harvest of this generation. We have trained over 2,000 workers now in the former USSR and most of them are in ministry. Walter's theme was Leadership and Prayer and Praise. Marge?s theme was Women's Ministries through the Ages?. My teaching was on Evangelism, World Evangelism and Soul winning.

This school like past schools are very enthusiastic. The weather was very cold. We were down to 6 below zero F (20C) and had to teach with our heavy weather coats.

Building #116 in the town of Senogovskoye with a large lot cost only $1850.00. It can hold over 100 people.

In the village of Nizhniygorsk, Crimea we acquired this building for a church for $1,500.00.

We also purchase the buildings that you see in the photos, plus by faith many more which we will share in our next month's ?Good News? report. The price of buildings, houses and lots are going up in value and it costing more.

However, you can see that Building #116 we purchased for a church, cost only $1850 US dollars. It will hold about 100 saints of God as they worship.

We purchased Building #114 for a church in the village of
Zhemchuzhina in the area of Nizniygorsk.

In the village of Sadovoye we purchased this
building for a local church. A large lot too.

This former cafeteria Building #115 we gave $2,000.00 on it.
The total cost was 3,000.00. Mirnoye, Crimea.

In the village of Olgovka, Kherson, we gave $1,000.00 on the
purchase of this large house and lot. Building #117

We purchased this building for a church in the town of
Metrofanovka. It was very large for a church.

The huge long former cafeteria Building #115 cost $3,000.00 and we gave $2,000.00 toward it.

The local saints raised the difference and enough for the remodeling.

Please pray for the workers and for Marge and me. We want to be good stewards doing what God wants us to do.

God Bless you.



Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature


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