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Volume XXXX
IV  No. 12  

Upon arrival at the Johannesburg, South Africa airport, it was good to be met by Evangelist Harley Fiddler from Ohio and Johan Brink of South Africa.  We then joined Joey Chetty of South Africa and traveled to a township called Orange Farm.

However, it was not a farm, just thousands and thousands of rambling shacks that the Africans call home. Our home for the next week of ministry would be a ‘Rondava’ (a small thatched roof round mud building). The last time Marge and I shared one was back in 1966 near the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We knew we were in Africa, when driving along we’d see different animals not seen along the roads in North America.  One day when we were driving from Tzaneen to Johannesburg, we saw monkeys, baboons, giraffes, wart hogs, all kinds of unusual birds, ostriches, kudu, impala and other types of deer.

tony preaching Brother Harley was in South Africa one week earlier to conduct a seminar and crusade.

In Orange Farm Township we held a seminar for Pastors and Workers ending with a three day open-air crusade.



<-- Tony doing what he loves doing. Leading souls to Salvation in Christ.

hearts coming to Jesus God blessed as we taught the Word and in the crusade God gave us many souls and confirmed His Word with healings.

From Orange Farm Township, we traveled by car to Tzaneen, Northern Province (formerly known as North Transvaal).


<-- Hands on hearts as they come to the Lord Jesus

african crusade
Afternoon crusade service in Relela Township, S. Africa

Marge and I were last there in 1966 and had wonderful soul winning crusades. I could not believe the changes. Now we had much better accommodations on a bed and breakfast farm with a South African family.

tony's african house
Tony stands at his house and home for a week’s period!

harvey preaching blessed are the children
Harley Fiddler preaches in the open air crusade
Precious are these in God’s sight! -->

We were near the Township of Relela.  There are thousands of simple poor homes covering a large area.  It was here we had our seminar for all the workers in the area.  Also we had a crusade nightly with quite large crowds.  Many came to Christ and God preformed many miracles. Harley and I shared the 6 hours of daily ministry having 5 meetings per day.

tony preaching
Tony Abram says “Today is your day!”

leading souls to Jesus
Tony leads souls to Jesus!

We prayed for so many, including Pastor Ivan’s grandfather, age 109.

e is the oldest man I prayed for since God healed a 108-year man in our crusade in Brazil some years ago.

pastor ivan, dad, and grandpa
Pastor Ivan with his father and his 109 year old grandfather

Tony and Harley lays hands and pray for the 109 year old -->


praying for grandpa

full service
All benches full, standing room only at the afternoon service

Pastor Joey Chetty is planning a Bible School for the Northern Province along with a church to seat up to 1,000 people. Our ministry has given $2,000 to purchase four acres of land covered with mango trees in the Township.  This is a very good location.  They feel the buildings will be completed the end of January 2008.

preaching the Word
Have Bike will travel and preach the Word!

pray for local pastor
Harley and Joey pray for local pastor

what's for lunch?
Harley checks out where the food is cooked!

They desire that Harley, Marge and I to come to dedicate them.

We also gave $100 to help a church building in another area of Relela.

Pastor Ivan and his family are living in a cardboard shack. We gave them $165 to help with the building of their simple house

come to Jesus all ye heavy laden
Precious South Africans come to the Living Christ who receives all who come unto Him.

In the Relela area, we met some of the nicest believers you would ever hope to meet.  The pastors said that never had they had such wonderful teaching. 

They said that money could never buy with they received from the ministry, I believe I should say here that the success we have had is because people like you have stood with us in faith and prayer.

workers for Christ
Ivan, Harley, Joey & Johan. Workers together.

new school
Four acres of land we purchased for Bible School and Church. Harley, Tony, Ivan & Joey.

 Thank you and please continue to pray for us.

Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me;
Rom 15:30

We are praying for you and yours. God bless you.

Tony & Marge .


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