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Vol 44 #2

It was a great joy to return to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. It had been over 20 years since Marge and I were there for a citywide soul winning crusade.

Quetzaltenango is also the city, where in the middle of the night we woke up with a large rat in bed with us. Many of you have heard the ?rat story.? It is humorous now, but not at that time.

hall is packed
The huge hall is packed with people, hungry for God!

Praise the Lord, this time we had good accommodations. Harley Fiddler and I were invited to hold a seminar for a week and then help with the graduation of 703 students from the Aqua Vida (Living Waters) Bible College there. It was established by Jim and Marion Zirkle.

surrender to Jesus
Tony invites many to surrender to Jesus

tony, clarence, marion, and harley
Tony Abram, Clarence & Marion Wright
and Harley Fiddler.

However, 8 years ago Jim Zirkle along with his son Jimmy and all in the medical team, except one, were killed in a tragic airplane crash. Jim and Marion were students at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

tony preaching
Tony preaching!

harry and interpreter
Harley Fiddler with his interpreter.

Harley was the one who taught and counseled them on missions and signed for them to make their initial mission trip to Central America. Today the Living Waters has a Bible School in each of the seven Central American countries besides Mexico, Cuba and Paraguay, South America

tony preachingtony sharingtony teaching
In these 3 action photos, Tony teaches, preaches and leads people in surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ!

i surrender all
He cries out, ?I surrender.?

I surrender all

The main center for this entire ministry is in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Here on 22 acres you see one of the most beautiful Bible School campuses in the world. It is carried on by Clarence and Marion (Zirkle) Wright. God has given them a number of wonderful missionaries who are working with them.

2006 grad class, sorry for the focus

We graduated 703 students. Harley Fiddler and I taught over 600 workers in the seminar from every country in Central America. We had over 500 believers make a commitment to become soul winners. God stretched forth His hand with signs and wonders. It is always great to work with Harley, as he is a real humble servant of our Lord and a great brother. Many invitations have now come to us from all over Central America to please come and hold soul winning crusades and seminars. Even in Cuba the door is opening for our ministry. Please pray for us and all the wonderful missionaries, ministers and workers from all over Latin America that we ministered to in Guatemala.

harry preaching
Harley Fiddler waxes eloquent during
the graduation service.

people repenting

   tony and harley
Tony and Harley praising God for all He has done!

Quetzaltenango is the second most populous city of Guatemala, after Guatemala City. In 2005 it had an estimated population of 300,000. The population is about 50% indigenous or Amerindian, 49% Mestizo or Ladino, and 1% other.

Quetzaltenango is located in a mountain valley at an altitude of 2,333 meters (8,000 feet) above sea level. In Pre-Columbian times Quetzaltenango was a city of the Maya people, the name meaning "under ten mountains".

The city was said to already be over 300 years old when the Spanish first arrived. Conquistador Pedro de Alvarado defeated and killed Maya ruler Tec Um here.

When Alvarado conquered the city for Spain in 1520 Quetzaltenango became the city's official name in colonial times. and some proudly, but unofficially, consider it the "capital of the Mayas".

From 1838 to 1840 Quetzaltenango was capital of the state of Los Altos, one of the states or provinces of the Federal Republic of Central America. As the union broke up, the army of Guatemala under Rafael Carrera conquered Quetzaltenango making it again part of Guatemala.

In the 19th century, coffee was introduced as a major crop in the area and the economy of Xela prospered. Much fine Belle ?oque architecture can still be found in the city. Recently, the city has become a popular destination for foreign students studying the Spanish language.

There are two main seasons in Quetzaltenango: the rainy season which generally runs from May through mid-November, and the dry season, which runs from December until May. During the rainy season, rain falls consistently, usually in the afternoons. During the dry season, the city frequently will not receive a single drop of rain for months on end. From December through February, the days are quite warm, but the temperature drops dramatically during the nights.

Pray for Latin America. God bless you

Tony does workshop on soul winning

grad class
Graduating Class listening attentively to the CHALLENGE

Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


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