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Volume 43 No. 10 (sorry for the photo quality...)

We are giving short reports on several events in this month's Good News. We were involved in a Camp Meeting at the Western Slavic Branch Moose Lake Camp in Northeastern Alberta, Canada.

We led the missionary services and were so happy the first weekend to have some of our associate evangelists take part in the first missionary rally.  Jim and Darla Snipe who are missionaries to Japan, shared first. Darla wore her lovely Japanese costume. They blessed the people with their reports on what God is doing in Japan. Marge wore her African dress and blessed the people with her anointed singing. I wore my Indonesia shirt. We shared what God was doing in a number of countries we have seen God move by His Spirit this past year.

Preaching to the crowd at the Moose Lake Camp Meeting 2006.

John and Hyoncha Clark, missionaries to Taiwan
& China in Korean costume.

Then we heard from John and Hyoncha Clark who are missionaries to Taiwan, Republic of China. They blessed the people with their report of what God is doing in Taiwan and China. Hyoncha wore her beautiful Korean costume. Then we heard from Jack Hunka, a long time friend. He shared of his work in Ukraine. The second week  of the Camp Meetings we were honored to have Missionary Evangelist Harley Fiddler and his wife Donna as Camp Evangelists and for the second missionary rally he blessed many with their work.

Jim & Darla Snipe, Missionaries to Japan,
Darla in Japanese costume.

Hyoncha, Marge & Darla.

Another highlight of the camp for me was my happy duty to ordain 2 young men we know are working with Slavic people in Canada and USA. They are both from Ukraine. Peter Kutcher is planting a church outside of Chicago. Yugoslav Kapita is associate pastor of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church of Edmonton, Canada. Yugoslav?s father, who is a pastor in Ukraine, came all the way from Ukraine to help participate in his son?s ordination.

Peter preaches sermon before ordination.

Yaroslav preaches also.

Our ministry was happy to help sponsor, through Global Vision with Walter Zygarewicz, a young people's Camp Meeting in Ukraine. It was something new but blessed of God. It was proper camping, with tents and no proper toilets, etc. The Youth Camp had about 100 young people aged between 16 and 22. Many nights they witnessed a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God.

The report from the ministers that taught at the Camp and Youth Bible Training School, was that they had rarely seen such a move of God. It was very humbling to all to see God move amongst these young people. They were lost in Worship as the Holy Spirit moved amongst them. It was difficult to finish the meetings because the presence of God was so awesome. The mighty hand of God worked miracles before their eyes.

The Camp Meeting was held just before the Summer Youth Bible School began. Various teachers came from USA, Canada and United Kingdom. They had great weeks and great times of teaching. The theme of the youth school was Relationships with serious issues between them and God and their fellowman. Each night many responded to the challenge to be holy before God and man. Romans 12:1-2.

Photo of Building # 102.

We want to also report on a building we purchased earlier this year in Ukraine. It is number 102 near Poltava. This is another church that Sister Valentina opened. We did not have a photo in our previous Good News report. At this writing we have purchased a total of 105 buildings for churches in the former USSR. Praise God, you have helped us pay them off in full!

Tony Abram reading the ?Charge of
Ordination? to the candidates.

Tony Abram leads the ministers in the Laying on of Hands on Yugoslav Kapita and Peter Kutcher. Both are from Ukraine and are working among Slavic people

Harley Fiddler preaches at the Camp meeting!

Dr. Bill Morrow General Superintendent of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada greets the saints and assisted Tony Abram in the Ordination.

Baby Dedication!
The Senior Pastor of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church of Edmonton asked me dedicate their first baby and daughter. We always count it a joy to dedicate children. We have dedicated many children in many lands and as far as we know they are all serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! We were kept busy as you can see. We love preaching to all the peoples of the world. It is our life's work to minister and win souls to Christ.

Tony poses with Pastor and Mrs. Jaroslav Bossak
in dedication of baby Sophia

Missionary Tony Abram


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