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India Outreach & Ministry Report 2005
Volume 42 #5

Dedication of building crowd in India
Dedication of building crowd in India

The trip began with a flight to Frankfurt, Germany from Alabama - which is considered to be a fairly long flight.  Then to connect to another flight that flew over Eastern Europe, Turkey, Northern Iraq and then across Iran into Bombay, India.

As the plane passed over these locations, I thought about the people and the goings on there and I prayed for them. As I prayed, the enemies of my soul lied, saying a missile could be sent from the ground to bring the plane down.

I continued to pray and declare that Jesus Christ was Lord over each of these countries. We do not need to fear. Praise God!

Graduation Service on the school ground
Graduation Service on the school ground

Arriving at 2AM, the Bombay airport and streets around the airport were almost like midday.

Indian teacher, Brother Thomas met me and a few hours later we met up with Brother Harley Fiddler (Harley has been coming to India for 25 years) at the Bombay airport where we were to fly to Cochin, Kerala State.

It was a short 2-hour flight. Then people from the Bible College met us.

Under a tin roof and well over 100 degrees, the people stayed for hours to hear to the Good News!
Under a tin roof and well over 100 degrees, the people stayed for hours to hear to the Good News!

It was several hours more to the School where we would get a chance to rest for the night.  The weather was over 100 degrees daily (40 C).  They said the hot season had not arrived yet!  There was an air conditioner in the room we slept in that worked from a generator.  I did not see another air conditioner anywhere. 

No one and no business, including the airport in Cochin had Jonah. We praise God because He gave us the strength and health to overcome and we had great ministry!  Praise God and thank you for your prayers!

Tony Abram preaches in India Harley Fiddler preaching in India Tony & Harley in front of crusade hall
Tony Abram preaching Harley Fiddler preaching Tony & Harley in front of crusade hall

Harley and I did two seminars at the same time.  He would do the Worker’s and I would do the Women’s Seminar. Then the next session I would do the Workers and he the Women’s.  We were able to feed them spiritual and natural food.

Woman's Seminar in India
Woman's Seminar in India

Normally Marge would do the ladies meetings but she was going to Ukraine to teach in our school there.  We would meet up again and go together to Argentina for our crusades and seminars there.

The Crusade hall in Milimbur, Kerala was packed with people. The Spirit of God was precious in each service. The Indian people seemed to soak up the Word, as they did in the seminars. 

the four story new school
Here is the four story new school
building we dedicated

Tony Abram sharing at
the Graduation Ceremony

In addition to the crusade and seminar, we had a dedication service of the new four-story building at the Bible College and a Graduation service. 

The total cost of the crusade, seminars, graduation and dedication was $2,500 each for Harley Fiddler’s and our ministry.  This included feeding over 1,500 people at the graduation and dedication services.

It was most interesting seeing all those people eating on banana leaves under the trees on the college grounds. Dr. V.V. Thomas and his brother, Evangelist James, head up the school.

We graduated 23 three-year students. Harley Fiddler and I gave each student a Thompson Chain Study Bible costing $25 each, a total of $300 from each of our ministries. A good investment. Four of the grads will assist in local churches. Nineteen will go to new unreached areas where the Gospel has not gone.

We are sponsoring 19 native outreaches in unreached areas to plant 19 new churches. The cost of each mini crusade is only $35 each. Also, we hope to take on as many as we can of the 19 workers with $75.00 per month, planting churches in the 19 unreached areas.

Tony giving out Bibles to Grads  Harley passing out Diplomas to Grads
Tony giving out Bibles to Grads, and Harley passing out Diplomas to Grads

Tony and Harley sit with the Graduation Class
Tony and Harley sitting with the 2005 Graduation Class

Harley, V.V. and Tony in front of school
Harley, V.V. and Tony in front of school

We will support them for one to two years or less when they will become self-supporting. We believe the next group of students will also be of the same fine quality ministers as these, which have graduated.

Our ministry underwrites 1/3 of the cost of running the school. Brother Fiddler’s ministry underwrites 2/3s of the cost.

Our share is $1,000.00 per month. Thank you for your part in helping us with this work of the ministry in India.  The main areas we are involved in are India, Ukraine and China in addition to Africa, South America, and other parts of Asia to a lesser extent.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will always lead us.

Tony preaches in the Crusade with co-operating pastors on platform.

Tony preaches in India Crusade!

Area – comparative: slightly more than one-third the size of the US. Land boundaries: border countries: Bangladesh 4,053 km, Bhutan 605 km, Burma 1,463 km, China 3,380 km, Nepal 1,690 km, Pakistan 2,912 km. Population: 1,065,070,607 (July 2004 est.).

India will soon surpass China in population with already over 1.1 billion people.

India Information: The Indus Valley civilization, one of the oldest in the world, dates back at least 5,000 years. Aryan tribes from the northwest invaded about 1500 B.C.; their merger with the earlier inhabitants created the classical Indian culture.

Arab incursions starting in the 8th century and Turkish in the 12th were followed by European traders, beginning in the late 15th century.

By the 19th century, Britain had assumed political control of virtually all-Indian lands.  Indian armed forces in the British army played a vital role in both World Wars.

Nonviolent resistance to British colonialism under Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru led to independence in 1947.

Please pray for India and the fields of world evangelism. It is near and dear to the heart of our God. Pray for us and we are praying for you and yours.

God bless you.

Tony & Marge Abram


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