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Volume XXXXI No.11

Tony and Marge
Tony & Marge Abram,
your Missionary Evangelists

We have a wonderful report for you this month of the many things that transpired in Ukraine. God, who is able to do more than we can ever expect, did it again.
Eph 3:20 (KJV): Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

joy in souls winning for Jesus
 Joy in winning souls to Jesus

 Steven interprets with Tony
Steven interprets while Tony Abram preaches.

 We arrived safely in Kiev to a very busy airport.  Looking it over, I thought that even though it may not be up to our western standards, how much better it looked than 10 years ago.  A friend of ours was recently in Ukraine and was shocked over things there.  I said that it is wonderful now compared to 10 to 12 years ago.  There are so many things that are better today even if it is still difficult for westerners.

Our ministry was first in Poltava where we had a Workers Seminar.  Brother Steven Scots, originally from western Ukraine, was with us from Sacramento, California where he has been for seven years.

He is an associate pastor of the largest Slavic church in North America with over 4,000 members. He said that he would always remember me as I am the first minister that he has ever interpreted. He is a good one with a strong anointing.

Walter Zygarewicz, our good friend of many years, and I were to be the teachers.
Walter Zygarewicz, our good friend of many years, and I were to be the teachers.

Students of seminar stand for prayer to have ears to hear, minds to receive and hearts to believe
Students of seminar stand for prayer to have ears to hear,
minds to receive and hearts to believe

The Lord did bless and we also ministered in church services and planted a new church in Poltava, Province. The cost of the Church Plant will be $2,400.

We also were able, by faith, to purchase 2 buildings in the Province of Poltava (which is the largest Province in Ukraine) and will be reporting more in next month’s ‘Good News.’ 

We then went to Kharkov where we had a Worker’s Seminar with about 400 ministers and Christian Workers.

Tony leading souls to the Living Christ
Tony leads souls to the Living Christ.

Concerning the School and it’s new location; we looked over a location in the City of Poltava and also in Zaparosyia and although we may have a school in these two areas in the future, we felt like they were not the right areas at this time. It was in Zaparosyia a few years ago, that we planted churches and bought several buildings when there were only 2 churches in the city. Now they have 17 churches and some with large congregations. We traveled to our next crusade and seminar to the Province of Crimea.

.new school in Crimea
Site of our new school location in Crimea.

New look, err book for Tony
Tony’s new book for the churches.

The Lord put it on my heart about 6 months ago that it would be in this part of Ukraine we would be moving the ‘Basic Bible Training School.’ In all of these locations we gave out free, hundreds of my latest book in the Russian language, ‘Secrets to Successful Christian Living’ to the workers and new converts in the meetings.

Our seminar in Junkoy, Crimea with 50 Workers went very well. As we taught, it made me think that they were like spiritual sponges soaking up the Word of God. We planted a church in Kirosk, Crimea at a cost of $2,000.00.


The best part was seeing the precious people respond to the simple message of salvation, crowding forward to receive the Living Christ. This is the seed of the new church.

Tony and Rose, sorry for the picture
Marge’s friend Rosie!
(sorry for the picture being not clear)

It was nice to see a friend from Marge’s childhood come to the meeting - Rose Wynychuk from Canada. 

Rose has been in Ukraine on a soul-winning mission for several months.

 halls filled to hear the Word of God
Halls were filled daily with hungry hearts for the Word!many sought the Lord
Many sought the Lord during the Call to Jesus.

pastor and his wife
Met at our school and now pastor
of a new church we planted
(sorry for the picture not being clear)

pastor and his wife
Met at our school, now have
Rehab Center in Crimea
(sorry for the picture not being clear)

The pastor of the new church met his sweet wife at our last School this year and now they are pastoring the new work in Kirosk.

We visited the church Kraznoperikops that Marge and I planted about 7 years ago. It was with a joy to see it thriving with many souls being added.

We also purchased 3 buildings for churches in Crimea, which also will be reported in next month’s ‘Good News.’ This does make a total of 70 buildings we have purchased in the last 12 years in the former USSR for churches. All Glory and Thanks to God! They took us to see a possible location for our school. Walter was thrilled with it and I felt the witness in my heart.

They have 100 students ready for the school in January which will most likely swell to 150 by then. They had this many before our commitment We now imagine more will want to come. We trust the results will be the same as the previous schools where over 90% of the graduates are in ministry.

Marge and I have committed $5,000.00 again towards the expenses of the school from our ministry. We feel this is another way of helping raise up disciples for the Kingdom of God.

Another student that went through our school has a Church and Rehab center. He has one of the most fantastic testimonies of deliverance, how that God led him to open this Rehab Center for drug addicts.

The police recently came to him and asked what he had done, as the streets in his area no longer have any drug dealers, drug addicts or prostitutes walking the streets. The reason is that God has delivered more than 80 people in his Rehab Church from the streets.

Praise the Lord! He also met his wife in one of our schools.

Walter and a worker with his book and vision
One of our workers with his new book
explaining to Walter his vision.

working together to reach souls in the former USSR
Workers together for the harvest of
souls in the former USSR!

Continue to pray for the Work of God in Ukraine and all of the former USSR. Before leaving Ukraine, we visited another one of our earliest church plants in Kiev that Walter had planted. It has become the mother church for Ukraine in that it now houses a seminary plus a large congregation.

Our ministry helped with about $5,000.00 to construct this wonderful building in the city of Kiev. On our way to the airport, we met for a couple of hours with another Brother Vitaliy of Kiev.

It was 11 or 12 years ago that Marge and I, along with my Brother Frank and his wife, held a crusade and with 250 converts, planted a church in Kiev. I saw leadership quality in this brother although some of the older traditional pastors and leaders said he was too young. (He was 26 years old and husband and father of 2 children at the time)

We put him in charge and 2 years later when Brother Cho from Korea met him, he saw the same leadership qualities in him and invited him to Korea for some exposure to his great work and outreach in Korea. Soon after that, Vitaliy had over 100 house churches in Kiev.

Today his church has over 2,000 members and he is head pastor over 380 churches. Praise the Lord! No wonder I love that song that Margie sings, ‘Little is much when God is in it!’

Continue to pray for our ministry that God will continue to give us direction, strength and anointing to labor in the Task of World Evangelism. Thank you in advance for your prayers and faith support. God bless you and yours is our daily prayer. Your Missionary Evangelists, Tony and Marge Abram.

THE PROVINCE OF CRIMEA GENERAL INFORMATION: Area: 27,000 sq. km, Population: 2,200,000 GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: The Crimea is a peninsula, which is located in the extreme south of Ukraine, and washed by the Black and Azov Seas. Its coastline is almost 600 miles long. The peninsula is equally far from the Equator and the North Pole, extending 120 miles from the north to the south, and 200 miles from the west to the east. In the north, the Crimea is linked to mainland Ukraine by a 7-km long isthmus. More then 100 nations and nationalities inhabit the Crimea. From the ancient times, the Crimea had been the place where different cultures, tribes and peoples coexisted together. The civilizations of Antique Greece and Rome, Ancient Rus and Byzantine, the Khazars and the Balkan region states interacted in the territory of the peninsula.


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