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Version XXXXI No.5


As we surveyed the class of almost 150 new workers with the Call of God on their lives, it thrilled our hearts.  What a joy to train and teach this new crop of spiritual soldiers who will soon be on the front lines of World Evangelism winning souls and doing the Work of God!


In our previous schools of 3 months each, Brother Walter Zygarewicz reports that over 75% of all who have gone through the schools are in ministry.


Compare that to Bible Schools in North America where only about 5% end up in full time ministry after several years of study. There are a number of reasons we are having such great results.


  • First, is the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the Training School.

  • Second, the students that come have a Call of God on their lives.

  • Third, the five fold ministry of (Eph 4:11 KJV) And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

  • Fourth, are the prayers and faith of you that pray for us and the outreaches of our ministry.

The teachers that come to teach represent these God called and God given ministries.


In addition, these same teachers give the CREAM OF THEIR MINISTRIES to the students.  The school is one of our outreaches.


I was able to help kick off the school with Walter Zygarewicz.


Working with him over the past 31 years in different endeavors throughout the world from time to time, has always been a good experience in the Lord’s Work.


We are glad to be teaching spiritually hungry hearts the Word of God.

We were joined at the latter portion of our mission, with the visit of David and Irene Clark from Seattle, Washington. Some of our readers will remember him by the title of ‘God’s Dentist.’


Both he and his wife carried on for almost two more weeks of teaching and ministry. In addition to six hours of Bible teaching each day, many evenings and of course weekends were filled with ministry to the local churches.

In our ministry we saw many come to Jesus and many healed and delivered. Praise the Lord!


We also were able to purchase six more buildings for churches, four of which are in the Crimea area of South Ukraine and two in the Kherson district. The total cost was $7,200.00 US dollars.


This makes a total of sixty-five buildings you have helped us purchase in the former USSR in the past 11 years. At this writing, all are paid for except $2,000.00.


Not one building is in our name.


Upon payment the buildings are given over to the local church. This is almost like a building purchased every 2 months. I look back on this and just have to say, “Praise God!”

This is a miracle for our small ministry to have done this, without mentioning the many other projects we have completed in the CIS, Africa, Asia, India and elsewhere in the world.


Thank you for your prayers and faith! We are truly workers together with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Continue to pray for us that we will always be faithful and that we may continually be good stewards in the Lord’s Work.


God Bless you and yours is our daily prayer.


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