Abundant Life Crusades
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Vol #41 - No. 7

Our trip was again, a long tiring one, but Praise the Lord, we arrived safe and sound.

Our flight took us to Frankfurt, Germany and after a 15-hour wait at the airport we connected on to South Africa. ’


Evangelist Harley Fiddler of Columbus, Ohio flew in from America to join us.  It is always a joy to work with Harley, as not only is he upbeat, but also a man filled with so much of the Word of God. 


Tony Abram doing what he loves best, leading precious souls to the Lord Jesus Christ -->

Tony loves leading souls to Jesus

tony on the big screen
Tony preaches with the huge
video  screen behind him.

  harley fiddler

Tony says that Harley Fiddler is
a preaching machine for Jesus

harley fiddler of focus ministries

His ministry is called ‘Focus Ministries.  You can read his resume (click here )

Tony sharing the word of God

It was good to share ministry, as this was a very busy mission trip with up to 3 services per day. In our Convention we taught in seminar style during the day and evangelistic at night.


It resulted with people coming to Christ plus many whose lives were touched and quite a few were healed by the Power of God.


It was a joy to work with all the ministers and workers. Most were African with a few Indian and white workers.


However, while we were ministering in up to 3 meetings a day in the Durban area, most of the ministers, workers and people there were Indian.


There are over a million Indians living in the Durban area. Some are second and third generation Indians. It was great being again in Durban.


Marge and I first came to Durban to minister in 1966 and again in 1980. We still remember the great Tent Crusade in 1966 with the Indian people. All Glory to Jesus!


<---Tony Abram shares the Word of God to Africans and Indians

coming to Jesus
Africans coming to receive from Jesus.

halls were filled
The halls were filled with Africans.

hungry souls listen to the Word of God
Hungry souls fill the halls. Praise the Lord!

troopers in Christ!
Brother & Sister Bronkhorst after his healing!
A great joy was seeing again our dear faithful friends Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Bronkhorst. He is 88 years old and she is 84 years old and yet they are still going strong in their calling as missionaries to Africa.

They keep so busy that they cannot get old.  However, a couple of months ago he was mugged and hit on the head, knocking him to the street. It left him dizzy having difficulty walking. We went to visit him. At the dinner table we prayed and laid hands on him and he was immediately healed.

The next day he drove his wife 3 hours to our meeting. He testified and sounded like a young man.

We had prayed for his voice as well and it was very strong now. He took us for lunch and then, drove 3 hours to his home. I called him that evening and he said he was feeling wonderful.

Since then, I received a letter saying that he is completing healed and that God has given him a new lease on life to continue to preach the Gospel! Praise God!

African's know how to worship the Lord
We love the way the Africans respond to the Gospel and of course, no one can sing like the African Christians.

smile, you're on camera
The meetings were filmed

We believe it is harvest time. I have read that the years of Africa are numbered. AIDS is out of control. They told us that in South Africa 40% of the work force will be dead by the year 2007 from AIDS.

In addition, there is terrible crime in all of South Africa and it has become very dangerous. Last year 111,528 vehicles were reported stolen in South Africa, of which 45,152 (40%) were recovered.

Police investigated 44,222 stock theft cases, which resulted in 7,980 court cases.

There were 52,425 rapes reported. 41% of all the victims were aged 18 years or younger with 14% being 12 years or younger.

In the last 6 years there have been over 5,000 attacks on farmers, resulting in 771 murders of farmers. In the last 4 years, 654 policemen have been murdered.

Last year officially 21,553 people were murdered in South Africa. These statistics are just some of the facts revealed in the latest report from the Ministry of Safety and Security. Yet at the last census the population in South Africa had only 43 million people.

You can see why we ask you to pray for our protection too. You and I know that the answer is Jesus. Pray for our ministry outreaches in Africa and the other parts of the world that the Lord sends us.


As you know, Marge and my daily prayer is that our latter years would count more than our former. We want to continue to win souls and also very importantly to help raise up Soul Winners and Workers in the Kingdom of God.  

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ (Eph 1:3 KJV)


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