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Tony and Marge Abram have been sharing God's Good News for over 64 years!


This our 12th Basic Bible Training School in the former USSR. Hundreds of men and women are now in the service of the Lord in ministry throughout the former USSR as a result of the previous 11 training schools. We thank God for what He has done in their lives and that God has used the schools to help train and prepared them for the harvest churches and the great harvest of souls they are winning.

This present 3-month school is the largest yet, with over 200 students. We are having some wonderful ministries coming from USA, Canada, Holland, Ukraine and Japan to teach and share the best of their ministries with these workers. To begin the first 2 weeks of the school, Marge and I joined Brother Walter Zygarewicz, along with our friends from Seattle, Pastors David and Irene Clark. They have been with us previously in 9 or 10 countries for ministry during the many years that we have known them. If you remember, David Clark has the title of 'God's Dentist.' They did pray for hundreds of people in special meetings and for all the students.

God did many miracles! A student brought one young man to the school on a wheelchair. Praise God, he pushed his own wheelchair home, healed by the power of Jesus! We had special healing services, which resulted in the even greater miracle and that is the Hands laid on their hearts as they are led in the Sinner's Prayer by Tony Abram.

Salvation of many Ukrainians and Russians. During the 6 hours of teaching each day, David Clark taught on 'Miracles Today and How to Put Them in Operation' while Irene, his wife, taught on 'Spiritual Warfare.' Walter Zygarewicz taught on 'Leadership.'

Marge taught on 'Women's Ministries' and 'Walking and Living in the Spirit,' while I taught on 'How to Pray the Prayer of Faith' and 'Balance in the Christian Life.' We believe in the ministry of these training schools and because we do, we pledge $5000.00 from our ministry to help with the cost of it. We see and know the results of the schools through the lives of these students Praise God!

In the province of Kharkov, of the 107 new churches there, 104 of the pastors have gone through the school. Praise God! When we first came to this area there were only 2 churches and now there are 107 and that is only in one area. For example, we visited two churches that wei planted when we were there only 3 months ago.

The churches were packed to overflowing and one of these new churches has already planted another church that has over 50 people. We also purchased 3 more buildings, bringing a total of 46 buildings we have purchased in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Praise God, they are all paid for except at this writing, $10,000.00, which we believe God to supply.

The country had the most snow and cold weather in more that 15 years and yet it did not hinder the school or David Clark teaches at the crowds that came to the meetings. We believe this is the hour the Training School! for the great harvest, not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole Irene Clark teaches the Word!

We believe the day of the Lord's return is closer than we think. This is why Marge and I have dedicated out lives to the ministry of World Evangelism. Please continue to pray for us. We want to be faithful till that last day.

God Bless you!


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