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Volume XXXX No. 6

Returning to St. Petersburg, Russia was a great joy for us, even if it required a long train ride that is not the best mode of travel we have had. However, God gave us a safe trip and there was not even an attempt to mug or rob us as the last time we traveled on a Moscow to St. Petersburg train.

Adam Zygarewicz interprets Tony Abram.
Just like old times except now in Russian not the Spanish language.

Praise the Lord for His keeping power! St Petersburg was called Leningrad for 70 years under communism but was changed back to St Petersburg when communism fell. It is a city of magnificence and significance.

Less than three centuries have passed since Peter the Great began building his grand city on the Gulf of Finland. The city of St. Petersburg is relatively young, if judged by European or Russian standards.

 Founded in 1703 as Peter the Great's "Paradise" and "Venice of the North," the first years of St. Petersburg's history saw an amazing transition from a swampy, scarcely populated land, to a fine European capital. The Summer Palace was built in 1714 and a Winter Palace also.

They called St Petersburg "the Venice of the North." When WWI broke out in 1914, it was decided to change the name of the Russian capital from St Petersburg to Petrograd. The revolution of 1917 led by Vladimir Lenin and 73 long years of Communist Rule began. Shortly after Lenin died, the city was renamed to Leningrad. During 1991 the city was renamed St Petersburg.

It was to this city that we returned to minister the Word that never changes. In our St Petersburg seminar, ministers came from Northern Russia and even from Germany. We shared with them the ministry of Miracle Evangelism so that they would carry the message back to their areas. In this way, there is a multiplication and duplication of our ministry by imparting to them what the Lord has taught us.

Adam Zygarewicz, missionary and friend for many years.

Albert Ramirez of Faith Prophetic Ministry
International teaches.

Walter Zygarewicz of Global Vision
teaches the Word!

Our ministry team again included Walter Zygarewicz of Global Vision and Albert Ramirez of Faith Prophetic Ministry International. We also had Adam Zygarewicz, Walter's older brother, added to our ministry team, as he, with his wife Abi, have been missionaries in Russia for many years.

It was so wonderful to see him again as we had worked together in Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and even in the USA when he pastored a Spanish church in California. He is now a Bishop over many churches in North Russia and God is blessing. He also did some interpreting for me and it was like old times. Except now it was in the Russian language and not in Spanish as before.

For our partners of many years, you may remember Adam, as the man who helped us so greatly when we had a National Revival in Bolivia. This came about after a Macedonian Call from his wife Abi when she came to our crusade in Chile, South America. It was there in Bolivia that we first met Walter who came to be our 19-year-old interpreter. This began a wonderful lifelong relationship and partnership in the ministry of World Evangelism.

Mike with Russian Sister who for 8 years has been telling everyone what Tony preached!

We also had with us Mike Polchowski from Burlingame, California, brother in law to both Walter and Adam.

It was a great blessing to hear the testimonies of the workers who told us that the churches we planted a few years ago were still growing and multiplying. It is always wonderful to meet people won to the Lord some years before, growing and serving the Lord.

There was one testimony, of an elderly woman, who came to the Lord when we were having a church-planting crusade 8 years ago.  She told me that she was rejoicing to be in our meetings again.

I asked her why? She replied that for 8 years she has been repeating what I preached then, now being in our meetings she has a lot more material to share with the people of what I said.  I smiled at this but then thought, how important it is to give people the full-unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ

This is why Marge and I have always tried to be good ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." - 2 Cor 5:20 KJV

Tony Abram teaches in the St Petersburg, Russia Seminar.

We will be reporting in next month's `Good News' on the wonderful ministry God gave us in the persecuted country of Belarus.

Albert and Tony with 3 workers that were encouraged years ago by this ministry, now are leaders.
Albert had powerful words of prophecy for them in their work

Tony Abram loves to preach and teach these precious Slavic people of the former Soviet Union.
Praise the Lord!

The young and small praise the Lord!

Albert and Walter on Russian train.

Please continue to pray for Marge and I. God bless you and yours is our prayer. Tony & Marge. Thank you for your prayers. We know God uses people like you to carry us with your faith through the ministry God has given us.


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