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Volume XXXIX No. 2

It took three long flights and twenty seven hours to arrive in Korea from the USA and then a 3-hour trip via Van to the lovely hotel one of the Korean brothers was providing for us. It felt so good to lay our heads on a pillow. We were in Korea mainly due to Brother John Park; who worked with us and interpreted for us 10 years ago in Korea.

For the past three years he has called us repeatedly to USA, Canada and other countries such as Taiwan, trying to have us to make a commitment to return to Korea.

We felt that now was God’s time and we were not proven wrong. In the past, we have been in some very large meetings in Korea, consisting of thousands.

However, this time we were in a smaller but a very needy situation. Last year, a group of Presbyterian Christians, started a new church. They even built a large but simple building. They were waiting for our crusade to bring in the people. Our crusade consisted of two meetings in the church building every day.

The services lasted for hours not including the other prayer meetings, etc. They wanted revival and revival is what God is giving them. The morning sessions were for teaching, giving a series on faith. However, the morning services would turn into revival meetings.

Your missionary evangelists, Tony & Marge Abram,
want to be faithful stewards of Jesus.

Marge shares the Gospel!

They seemed especially blessed by the singing and ministry of Marge.  The blessings seem to flow in every service as she sang. The Koreans are very kind. They treated us so wonderful that they seemed to spoil us.

However, I must say that I do like it. Of course, this does not mean that we like everything as in the food line. They eat many things we may think are different.

One special soup is made from puppy dog. When we started the meeting, I noticed that there were seven cute puppies next door at the parsonage.

A few days later, after soup was served, I noticed one of the puppies was missing. I told Marge it was because he was made into soup. She, being an animal lover, refused to believe it, especially after she had eaten the soup. I did not.

Only 6 puppies left!

Many Buddhists attended the meetings. The young ones would come forward for prayer but found it difficult to surrender totally to Christ. The reason being the repercussions they would have to face from their families. However, some of the older ones would go home and throw out their idols after receiving Christ as their personal Saviour.

There was one older woman who was unable to understand anything. Her mind was empty, but God healed her. Not only could she understand, but she received Christ and tried to be in every meeting, rejoicing in the Lord.  She knew two English words, ‘Hello’ and ‘OK’. She would greet me with those two words in every service.

Another man about 75 years of age, who had suffered some years ago with a stroke, came and heard the Word of God. He repented and received Christ.

He then threw his crutch across the building saying, “I do not need that any more.” Some one a little later handed it to him and again he threw it away. It was so touching; he fell on his knees and cried out, “Why did no one tell me of Jesus sooner? Why did I give all my money to Monks and Buddhist Idols?”

He went home, destroying his Buddhist Idols. Praise the Lord! Another man who used two crutches to walk, came back to the meeting two days after prayer, walking without them.

One woman who had a cancerous tumor was healed overnight. The Pastor’s 18 year old nephew was healed and was under the power of the Holy Spirit for hours after praying for him.

He heard the Lord Jesus talking and telling him what he would be doing in the service of the Lord. God had impressed me that there would be soul winners and one great soul winner raised up from this outreach. I expressed to the Korean believers that I believed that God wanted to use them to evangelize North Korea, China and Japan.

In the past generations, Japan invaded Korea many times and this time God wants Korea to invade Japan, not with guns and bombs but with the Word of God. Not bringing misery, suffering, bondage and death but with the Love of God, bringing love, peace, joy and the salvation of God. The ministry went so well, we were so busy, yet they asked us if we would please stay longer in Korea and continue the meetings. I told them that they did not need us to continue the revival, that revival comes from God.

Woman healed of a cancerous growth,
the size of a lemon, after prayer.

Deacon Lee chauffeured us in his micro mini van.
We thanked God for it!

The Pastor’s home where we ate and rested up...

Tony & Marge are now entering their 40th year
of World Evangelism!

Yet, they begged us to stay. When I telephoned Japan to see if this was possible, I was told they needed us very much in Japan, that in comparison to Korea, Japan is a great spiritual dessert and they also needed to see God pour out His Spirit.

They even asked us to come and live in Korea and be missionaries working out of their church. We discussed the fact that I was not eligible for any pensions when I got older, as I had waved them all when I was young, starting in the ministry.

They said that when we got too old to minister, we should come to them and that they would look after us. I told them that I believe God would always look after us and supply all our needs.

Some of the flowers given to us on our
39th Wedding Anniversary.

I must say that it did touch our hearts very much. Pastor-Evangelist John Park, who arranged our ministry in Korea, has a traveling ministry and is one of the most sincere men we have ever met in Korea. We welcome him and pray for him and his wife as they evangelize and pastor in Korea. We believe God desires to do great things in these last days.

We want to have ears to hear what He desires of us. Pray for all of Asia’s millions who need to receive Jesus as Lord and King. God bless you and yours is our daily prayer. In His service, Tony and Marge Abram 3 John 2, Romans 8:31, Phil 4:13.

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