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Baby born with no eyes!

Doing the year of 1963 while my wife Marge and I were evangelizing and preparing the TL Osborn Crusades across Great Britain, we met many pastors and visited over 200 towns, cities and villages holding rallies and services.

We remember visiting Pastor Keen, whose church was located in the western part of greater London.

He told us of a marvelous testimony of God's creative power.

He lived next door to a Catholic family who had a baby born to them without any eyeballs.

One day, while he was having his devotions, he had a strong urging in his spirit to go next door and pray for the family and baby.

He went, knocked on the door, and being friends with his neighbors he said to the lady of the house would it be all right to come and pray for the baby.

She said of course and she took him into the nursery.

The baby was lying sleep in a crib and was 6 month old.

She said to Pastor Keen, "I will go prepare some tea and biscuits and we can have a chat after you pray for my baby."

As Pastor Keen stood over the baby he did not know how he should pray so he quietly not wanting to wake the baby, prayed quietly that God would bless the home and the child.

He then went into the kitchen and they talked for a while and had their tea.

He then went back home to his study and all of a sudden there was a pounding on his door.

He went to the door and it was his neighbor.

She shouted, "What did you do to my baby?" "What did you do?"

He said "I didn't do anything I just prayed God's blessing on your family and for the baby."

She then held the baby up in his face and said look!

When he looked all he could see was those two beautiful blue eyes looking at him.

The newspaper's carried the story and questioned the doctors what happened.

Their answer was the baby actually had eyeballs hidden under the brow and what happened the eyes fell down in place.

No, my friends, man may not want to give God the Glory, but we know it was God's miracle power and answered Pastor Keen's prayer and the baby's eyes were miraculously created by God.

For with God all things are possible.

Praise God Forever!

God bless you and yours.
On behalf of this generation,
Your friends in the service of Christ,
Tony and Marge Abram
Abundant Life Crusades
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