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50 Years of Ministry Involvement in the Philippines!
Volume 59 #8

It is difficult to believe that it was 50 years ago that we first began our ministry in the country of Philippines.

We remember the happy, friendly and open door to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was on our first mission trip that we met many of the leaders and some we still know, but many have gone on to their eternal reward. It was on that first trip we met, from California, Arlie and Fanny Rogers who have be our dear friends ever since.

Fanny who was born in the Philippines was such a blessing as they traveled to some of our crusades and meetings at that time. Over the years, we have helped build churches, had open air and indoor crusades, supported workers, helped in conferences, helped put in water wells and supported Bible Schools and workers.

Our ministry, at this time is helping support three Bible schools.

Photos left top to bottom:

<-- Graduation class from one of the Bible Schools, young people from one of the churches.

Many young and old are being baptized, a soul winning crusade held at one of the churches and young people coming to Christ in a young people’s outreach.

Photos below Evangelist Missionary Tony & Marge Abram is a map of the Philippines, village outreach to children and last photo bottom right is another youth meeting.


Philippines Ministry Report: Page Two
We like the saying, “Train and Remain.” The three Bible schools in the Philippines not only train the workers in the Word and Work of the ministry, but they remain there. The problem with training workers in North America or Western Europe is that the student sees the living conditions and wants to stay, not going back to their homeland.

The workers being trained and taught in the three Bible Schools are staying in their homeland, winning the lost in their own country to Christ.

Over the years we have had Radio Ministry and Television Ministry to the people. We have helped in the buildings of churches and even to putting in a well. Our ministry, also with your help, has been able to help support soul winning workers. We have given lessons in Evangelism in the churches and schools.

However, my favorite ministry has been the soul winning open air crusades.

Although, we have ministered on a number of islands in the Philippines, there are a total of 7,641 islands, making up the country of the Philippines but only about 2,000 are inhabited. Over the years, we have worked with the Bergmans and Clark family.

Although Pastor David Clark and Pastor Les Bergman are in heaven, their wives in their 90’s are still active.

Photos on this page, starting on the left side to bottom are as follows, Elderly woman rejoices, never too old to be baptized. Young believers being baptized.



The below photo, a church kneeling, giving their all to the Lord.

Next photo left, newly baptized, praising the Lord with Joy.
The left fourth photo, teachers and students that were graduating and bottom left, graduating students kneeling and praying that God would use them for His Glory

Above is another church we helped some time ago now
at another graduation service.

Please pray for our outreaches in the Philippines. God bless you and yours.

Your Missionary Evangelists,

Tony & Marge Abram.

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