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Volume 56 #2

In this month’s Good News Report we are sharing, how that by the grace of God, we are going to finish a number of churches this year in India and Africa. They are able to build the walls and make the bricks out of mud and grass.

We are supplying the materials for the roofs of the churches.

The cost of putting a roof on a native church is between $500 to $1,000 per roof to finish the church buildings in Uganda and Central Africa. In North India the cost is $1,000.

We are being asked if we can help ten new Indian churches in India and there are at least ten more requests coming to our ministry from Africa.

In the photos you see four of the church buildings we are helping now with roofs on the churches.

Please pray for the poor people in these villages and the workers we are assisting in both of these areas

On Christmas morning Marge and I drove to the Atlanta airport where we met Mippo san who had flown in from Toronto, Canada.

We knew her mother before she was married in Osaka, Japan. Mippo san was just a little girl of 5 years of age when she would go shopping with us in Japan and translate for us. The people would smile as this little Japanese girl was with these two big foreigners. The Aoki family is like our own family in Japan.

Barbara Abram

. After a Christmas dinner Marge had prepared, which included my sister-in-law Barbara Abram, (who is in great need of prayer for healing) we had a very happy spiritual time.

A few days later we went to Morris, Alabama just north of Birmingham for Ministry with our friends of 50 years, Pastor and Mrs Jerry Langford.

It was where we prayed over, sending a couple from their church as missionaries to Honduras in above right photo.

The 4 M’s

To the left we were joined by Martha and Michelle Heimsoth, both missionaries home for the holidays in Indiana.

When they arrived I had Marge, Mippo, Martha and Michelle sit together for a photo and I then referred to them as the Four M's.

Praying for the girls.

Martha, as we have referred to in earlier Good-News editions, has been a missionary in Japan for the past 13 years, the youngest person ever granted a Missionary Visa to Japan by the Japanese government.

She was only 17 years old when we recommended her and does the work of an evangelist, teacher and missionary in Japan.

She has also joined her sister Michelle in the former Soviet Union and also with her father and sister in Central Africa.

Their father is a pastor who also does missionary evangelism. He has done a wonderful work in Central Africa.

Years ago when we had our radio broadcasts in Africa, Pastor Heimsoth and his church took care of all the correspondence which consisted of requests for Bibles, tracts, gospel material and cassettes.


Their church worked as a team preparing, sending and answering the requests. They were so kind as to pay all the postage.

It turned out that the contacts that were made, they began to follow up by going to Central Africa planting new churches, holding seminars teaching the Word of God and having crusades with teams from their church. Our friendship has been many years.

Martha sharing testimony.

Michelle and Marge

It was when Michelle was a little girl in our meetings that she hoped one day she would be our secretary and work in our ministry taking over the work of Mother Abram. However, Mother Abram never retired.

Finally Michelle could not wait any longer and launched out on her own. First going to the former Soviet Union, Africa with her father and Asia. She recently celebrated her 25th year of ministry to the nations. God has given her the Russian language and a God anointed soul winning miracle ministry.

Both Michelle and Martha are like our spiritual children and we praise God that we could be examples to them. They have expressed such gracious words about Marge and I and we give God all the Glory.


Sending workers forth!

Over the years God has given us a number of very precious forever friends. We thank God for each one.

We thank God for you and would ask you to pray for these fellow workers.

We appreciate and are praying for you.

God bless you.

Tony & Marge Abram

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