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Volume 56 #7

Sometime in the late 1970’s, we were driving through North West USA overnight to arrive for our meeting the next day. While listening to the radio, I heard something I had not given any thought to.

The preacher said that 1 out of 4 people in the world were Chinese.

I cried out, “Lord, am I going to have a harvest of Chinese Souls?

God gave me, at that moment, a great burden for the Chinese. I cried out “Lord I want to win the Chinese.”

Through miracles, I found that in a month’s time, we were in Taiwan, the Republic of China and in six weeks we where on nation wide prime time TV.

I believe that there were only 2 networks in the country.

We were the first ministry to ever preach on TV there, it opened doors to crusades in halls, churches and even a stadium crusade.

In addition, we had, at that time, over 3,000 radio broadcasts that covered the greater population of China.

God gave us souls and miracles

We were able to acquire and mail out a huge amount of Chinese New Testaments for only 30 cents each that we offered free on our telecasts.

We had to close the nightly crusade after one week because of the opposition from the officials.

It was OK as we had run out of money to pay for TV time.

The Bibles we acquired from The Billy Graham ministry. They had boxes of them stored from an earlier effort they had. Praise God for His timing for our ministry!

This is why, we have since that time, been involved in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We are sending help to the suffering persecuted church for special projects and try to send every two months the following:

  • $1,000.00 for Bibles for China,
  • $200.00 for Cell groups in China,
  • $200.00 for Church Leader’s support,
  • $200.00 for imprisoned Christian’s families and
  • $400.00 for Training Schools in China.

My book ‘Keys of the Kingdom’ which we had printed in both the Chinese and English languages is being circulated all over Taiwan and I believe available in Mainland China.  A reason we have it in both languages is that so many people in China and all over Asia want to learn and know English. This makes the book very attractive to the unsaved as well as the believer.

This is a translation of a book that many of you may have read, ‘Keys of the Kingdom.’ We wrote it years ago and still offer it for an offering of $5.00 to cover the shipping.

We will share much more on our ministry to the Chinese next month’s newsletter but this is just part of one testimony from a worker in China sent to the ministry we work with in China.

“I want to thank you for the 600 Bibles that you so lovingly sent us!  It warmed our hearts to know that our brothers and sisters are walking with us!  We’ve already put some of the Bibles into the hands of our hungry and new Christian friends, and the others we’ll distribute as we have evangelistic crusades.  May God’s Kingdom increase more and more, and may God bless you with His overflowing blessings, with His full grace!”

In the above photos you see how appreciative they are for the Bibles.

In the above photo I am teaching hundreds of Chinese workers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on Evangelism.

Please pray for our (quiet) ministry to the Chinese.

God bless you and yours is our daily prayer.

On behalf of souls everywhere,

Tony & Marge Abram

3 John 2

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