Abundant Life Crusades
Tony and Marge Abram have been sharing God's Good News for over 62 years!


Volume 59 #4

The number one outreach of this ministry has been the winning of precious souls to Christ.

Claiming the promise of God in Psalms 2:8 (KJV) Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Although, we plant churches, help with buildings for churches, feed orphans and lepers, support native workers, train workers, supply Bibles, support foreign Bible schools, other projects and outreaches, yet the main reason this ministry exists is to bring the lost into the saving knowledge of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.


 Evangelists Tony and Marge Abram called to the nations for 59 years of their 59 years of married life (Tony has been ministering 62 years). Their hearts second desire has been pointing people to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ while their number one desire has been Loving, Praising, Serving and Worshipping our Saviour.

However, the photos we are sharing on this page of the Good News report are of pastors and evangelists that folks just like you have helped us to supply them with bicycles.

They are working for the Lord evangelizing and planting churches in NEPAL, INDIA, and AFRICA.

These bikes will help them to travel to many more areas to plant the Word of God and harvest precious souls.

Receiving these bikes for ministry is like how you and I would feel to be given a new car.




They so very much appreciated it so much as now they would be able to cover a greater area of their countries of Nepal, India and Africa to share the good news of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. .

In the top left photo you can see this mission worker is also carrying food to the ones he trying to win to Christ or to some poor hungry believer.


So the bikes can do more than just transport the pastor or evangelist. The workers believe that everywhere they go, they can share the Gospel.


In the two next photos you see these two young men of God, along the road, sharing the Good News.


They believe in planting the Word wherever they have an opportunity to do so.

The photo to the right is of a building with the walls going up for a little church in the countryside of Napal.  We have provided a thousand of US dollars for the roof and windows.

The bottom left is a photo of a building we have help build for a local church in the city of Zarosisia, Ukraine.

We trust it is still in one piece as you read this as this area has been hit hard in the war.

In the bottom right photo you can see part of the congregation worshipping the Lord.

What hurts so much is that so much death and destruction has taken place in Ukraine where we have dedicated several years of our ministry there training over 2,000 workers in Evangelism and Soul winning.

We have planted many churches and help purchased almost 200 buildings for churches.

We do not know how many church have been destroyed or how many soul winners have been killed.

We know God keeps the records.

Please pray for them. We have these past two months have help feed several thousand in the hardest hit areas.

Do pray God lead and help us as you and we are workers together with Christ. God bless you and ours is our daily prayer.

On behalf of souls,

Tony & Marge Abram.

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